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Boxers are the best dogs according to their fans
Only need to ask a boxer lover to know these dogs are grand
Xcept when owned by people who don't know what they' ve got
Every now and then you meet one, who's just been left to rot
Rescue me they plead, I still know lots of tricks,
Wash me off, give me love, I've got a broken heart to fix
On the surface I look shabby, but my boxer spirit lives
Rescue me, I beg of you, I've lots of love to give
Left to my own devices, sometimes I was bad
Don't like how they would beat me then, and it would make me sad

Rescue me, let's start again, you can fix me up
Ever faithful I will be, I'm just a mixed up pup
Sometimes they didn't feed me, or train me like they should
Can't you give me one more chance, I know I can be good?
Until someone comes to rescue me, I'll wait here all alone
Even if it takes forever, I'll keep praying for a home

Written by Dolly Juhlin for Boxerworld the 9/19/1997.

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