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The Boxer Post Office allows you to send your favorite photographs as electronic postcards to the recipient of your choice. Your can choose the fonts, colors, border colors, background colors, greetings, message, and more. We have over 7,600 pictures of boxers and even over 30,000 photos if you use the new picture galleries! It makes Boxerworld one of the largest virtual cards web sites.
For more information on how to use this feature, see the example screenshots below.

STEP 1: Browse the Picture Gallery to choose what you'd like to send as a postcard, then click on the "Send As A Postcard" link.

Picture above: This is what you see when you click on a thumbnail on the Picture Gallery.

An enlarged view

STEP 2: Select the options you would like to have for sending your Boxer Postcard.

STEP 3: Preview your Postcard, then send it by clicking the Send Postcard button. Below is an example of how the postcard could look like.

Now you are ready to send a Boxer Postcard! Go to the Picture Gallery to choose your favorite photos!

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