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This area is dedicated to the Show Boxers, both past and present, and the owners who have made our Boxers what they are today. The importance of showing the "best" can not be overstated. While it is costly and very time consuming, the Show Boxer is the key to improving the breed. Without the Show Boxer, we would have a mediocre dog at best. But the greatness of our Boxers can be attributed to your devotion and pursuit of "finishing" your dogs. And for that, we thank each and every one of you who has traveled this most difficult path. Dog show provides perfect chance to learn about breeds.


What is a dog show?
What is a pedigree?
Specialities shows
How to start showing?
Show time
How do you learn about faults?

If you want to discuss about these topics, please visit the SHOW BOXER FORUMS (4 forums: Showing - questions and answers/Show results/Brags/Pedigrees/Boxer Standard).

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