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Old 5th November 2011, 02:39 PM
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9 months ago today.

We lost Buddy 9 months ago today. I miss him more everyday. I cannot stop crying. Will this pain ever go away? I have never been so heartbroken. I love my boy Tank so much bur we just don't have a bond like Buddy and I had and I am so lonely without my best friend Buddy.
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Old 5th November 2011, 07:34 PM
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So sorry you are feeling so sad. I wish I could help you with a concrete answer. I am still a terrible mess since losing my girl in Feb. of 2010. We are rapidly approaching 2 years and my sadness is still just as intense today as it was on the day we lost her.
I am better able to function but I still miss her every second of every day and she is never out of my mind. I actually had a breakdown today talking about her to my DH. I don't think we ever get over losing them but somehow we manage to figure out a way to live without them.
You just have to keep remembering that he would not want you to remain in such a bad place. He is happy and free now and although it is hard for us to be without them what is most important is that we had them in our lives.
I wish you peace.
Susi & Raine
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mdreckmeier (18th November 2011)

Old 2nd December 2011, 07:41 PM
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So sorry, it is very sad to lose one of our babies. When the time is right for you, consider adopting another boxer. There are many that need our love.
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mdreckmeier (7th December 2011)

Old 3rd December 2011, 02:16 AM
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It is understandable that you feel the way you do you have lost one of the loves of your life and it will take quite a while to ajust, we dont get over a loss but learn how to deal with it and believe it or not you will in time be able to think and talk about Buddy and laugh at the goofy things he has done and smile about the amazing time you had with him and that how lucky you were to have had him in your life. Stay strong and try to make an extra fuss of Tank as id say he is picking up on your sorrow an somehow my think its down to him that you feel this way.
God be with you and grant you peace.
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Old 6th December 2011, 08:53 PM
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I'm so sorry! Your baby will always be in your heart.
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Rest in peace my baby boy Miles. I love you forever.. September 12, 2011 you are at the rainbow bridge watching us! RIP Wilson... I love u! 6/18/12.
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mdreckmeier (7th December 2011)

Old 9th December 2011, 08:46 AM
Boxer Buddy
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I am so sorry .. truly sorry .. I know the ache .. my Petey has been away from me for years now and I can't even count the years because it reminds me how long it has been. As for the pain, honestly .. it never goes away ..you have to put it somewhere and blend it with the happy thoughts ... but the pain, I find, is always there .. a place in your heart that only has that but, only know one day, you will see your Buddy again ... God is fair .... I have 3 boxers now who I have rescued but my ~Petey~ is in my thoughts daily and I can't wish that away ... love is endless and that is the good part ... you can give it to other boxers and dogs ... but that moment crashes in when you think of the beloved one that passed ... (my Petey was stolen which makes it so much more difficult) ... make room in your heart for another but I must say, for myself ... that pain is the memorial to my beloved Petey although I also mesh it with the happy times ... it's called love and love is always bittersweet ... again, I am so sorry ... Buddy loves and misses you too ... my thoughts are with you and Buddy .....

Old 9th December 2011, 03:03 PM
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Wink Buddy

I am thinking of my Brook while reading ur post, its because of her that I am boxer-crazy in the first place! I also have a Buddy, & a Tank! It must be inthe Buddy name because I cannot imagine my life without him in it! He was a straybrought to me by some guys that found him under a house they were buying that had been foreclosed on! He was skinny,& sickly, and Iwas drawn to thoseeyes immediately! Its been 5 yearssince I lost Brook, but I remember some silly thing that she did often, and that keeps her alive in my heart.I now have, Buddy, Brutus & a Tank!

Old 14th December 2011, 10:30 PM
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Was wondering the same thing I guess I just found my answer,I think of my Boozer every day all the time and had a bad one today when I returned home from a shopping trip and when I got through the door forgot he was gone just for a second and called out to him to come.See if he wasn't at the door or stretching getting off the couch then he was in our bed on my side bulldozing the blankets so he could sleep on my sheets so when I got home ya bad day.And now I see you lost yours 9 months ago and you still feel so much pain I feel your pain and here's a hug to you.
Boozer I will love and miss you forever and always plus
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