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Naming your boxer Looking for the "right name"?

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Old 9th February 2005, 02:20 AM
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Exclamation Male Boxer Names

I am getting a boxer in a few months, but I am simply too excited to wait until then for coming up with a name for him...
My first question is, should one wait to have the dog before coming up with a name? Do some names fit a dog more then others?!
Second question is applicable only in the case that the answer to the first is "not necessarily". I need a name for a male boxer. Preferably I would like to give him a name that starts with the letter "A", names that start with other letters are more then welcome however. Regardless of the first letter of the name, the type of name I am looking for would be either Greek, Latin, or have a cool meaning, a well known hero, or person behind it...example Aristotle... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Old 9th February 2005, 10:38 AM
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Great Idea!

Do you have any other pets or plan on getting more? I came up with Remington's name because some genius on this board suggested themed names for all of their pets! Since my husbands family likes to hunt, Remington seemed perfect! We call her Remi for short...we like it anyway!

I will post again with some actual ideas but I suggest reading some past threads. People on BW are creative ...I couldnt believe some of the great names I have heard here!

Remington ~ brindle girl, floppy ears, 12/04
Tino~flashy brindle boy, floppy crop, 3 yrs old

Old 9th February 2005, 11:22 AM
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My sister has two named Brutus and Octavia (we call her Tavia). They seem to fit them just perfect even so because tricks people all the time into believing his sister did it!

Picking a name before hand seems fine. We did that, but then we had to bring our pup back to the breeder after we found out about some health issues with her. Then we wondered if we should reuse the name we had picked and given her for a day! Thats not to be a pessimist. Just a story! Good luck!

How about Achilles?

Old 9th February 2005, 01:19 PM
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Smile Heres some greek names.. begining with A

Achelous, Achillies, Actaeon, Adonis, Aero, Ajax, Alexander, Amarynthos, Apollo, Arcas, Argos, Argus, Arion, Asbolos, Atlas, got them out of a pet name book.. didn't write all the meanings.. as some were kind of long.. but if you need to know one of one that you like just ask..if you go back and search the whole thread about pet names. you'll find some great postings of names.. and some have links to name places.. or you can do a search on your PC about pet names and about a zillion places will pop up.. Good luck with your new Pup.. sometimes you can pick a name you like but bring your new baby home and somehow that name just doesn't quite fit their personality but not to worry you'll find the perfect name for your puppy. Best wishes with your new fur babie

Old 9th February 2005, 06:06 PM
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ready? lol ok here we go

Achilles--- i assume you know who he is-- it means without lips lol
Adonis--- Aphrodite's lover
Adrian- Rich Wealthy
Alexander-- Alexander the great-- means protector of mankind. Fitting for a dog i think
ANdrew- Manly/courageous
Apollo- Greek God of music, light and sun i believe... anyhow it means manly beauty
Ares- god of war
Athan- Immortal
Arsen/Arsenio- Strong
Acis-- was the son of Faunus (kind of like Pan- nymph/god of the forest)
Argo- the name of Jason and the argonaut's ship

I wanted theme names for my animals
I wanted 4 cats --2 black names Marius and Pandora (Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles) and 2 white ones Arthur and Gwenivere. I want a dog named Merlin
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Old 12th February 2005, 09:34 AM
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Arrow Achilles

Have you found a name yet? If not I'm with everyone on the Achilles suggestion. I love the legend of Achilles, and the movie Troy with Brad Pitt. I like Achilles because its a strong, rugged, fearsome, manly name (and now it makes me think of Brad Pit. hehe) Let us know what you decide!!!!!!

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Old 14th February 2005, 02:28 PM
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I picked my Boxer's name, "Apollo", for several different reasons. First off, I wanted a name that was different and not too common. Second, since the name was going to be used for a Boxer breed dog, I wanted it to be the name of a famous Boxer, in order for it to have a sort of "double-meaning."
I guess the final and absolute reason I definitively chose the name, Apollo, came when we went to visit with several breeders in search of my new pup, and discovered that the Sire of a particular litter's name was Zeus. If you don't follow Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus, so I felt it was only appropriate. Since I had always fancied this partiluar name for a Boxer, I took it as a sign that I had found the perfect Boxer for me. I was right!!

Old 14th February 2005, 03:33 PM
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A names

I picked Axl for my boxer because I have a Cairn Terrier named Ozzy named after Ozzy Osbourne, and also The Wizard of Oz (Toto was a Cairn). So as you can see my theme right now is rock stars. I hope to have an Iggy, Marley, and many more soon!

Shanz-my roommate had a cat named Lestat, and I always wanted to have two cats named Akasha and Enkil.

Old 14th February 2005, 10:25 PM
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I just picked up a new flashy white boy. I named him Chopper. Me and my boy were wearing West Coast Chopper Shirts when we picked him up.

Old 15th February 2005, 01:13 AM
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Thumbs up Thank you all!

Thank you all for your suggestions...they are all very helpful!
I like Achilles, Ares, and Alexander all very much!
Thank you for providing the definitions of the names as well, they in my opinion definitely do bring a lot to the name!
I will discuss all these names with my other family members and see what they think. I personally for some reason want the dog's name to begin with an A. My brother however is lobbying for Oscar, and my father for Napoleon, both of which I too agree are great names, and very fitting names for a boxer...except that they do not fit my criteria of a name beginning with the letter "A".I think we'll have to sit down, "fight it out" in the family, and decide!
I'll let you all know how it went..
Thanks again for the help!

Old 15th February 2005, 02:22 PM
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As far as "A" names go, I'm partial to Austin!
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Old 15th February 2005, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by axlsmom

Shanz-my roommate had a cat named Lestat, and I always wanted to have two cats named Akasha and Enkil.
Good to see im not the only Anne Rice nut :| I have all her books *blushes*