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Old 31st May 2011, 09:52 AM
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Natural heartworm treatment


We just adopted our sweet 2 yr old Romeo. He is heartworm positive, but the boxer rescue only does the intense 6 week treatment for dogs who have bad heartworm symptoms. Otherwise, they do a 2year treatment of antibiotics and after 2 years most dogs test negative. So Romeo is on the 2 year treatment, but I've been looking into more natural treatments for him. I found something called "Bandits Heartworm treatment"... you can google it and it gives you a complete herb list and schedule etc to treat heartworms. I obviously want to do what is best for Romeo and his health, but hate the thought of him being on antbx for 2 years!

Anyone have any luck or info w/ any remedies!
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Old 31st May 2011, 07:50 PM
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Personally--with heartworms being such a serious issue, I would just stick with what is proven to work, even if it doesn't sound as nice.

What antibiotic is he on? I haven't heard of abs being used to treat heartworm--I know a popular "slow kill" method is to just use regular ivermectin-based heartworm prevention, which to me doesn't sound too bad, since a lot of people keep their dogs on that stuff year-round anyway.

Just my opinion. Good luck to you and Romeo
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Old 31st May 2011, 09:42 PM
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Are you sure it's 2 YEARS?? I've heard of a "slow kill" method that some rescues use, it involves a 2 WEEK regimen of Doxycycline (an antibiotic), then after that you give the dog 2 heartworm pills a month for about 6 months. Two years of antibiotics sounds a bit extreme and not sure if I would be willing to do that to my dog.

I have recently been researching natural/holistic heartworm prevention and think I might go this route with my own dogs. Still not found enough information though to be sure of which supplement or treatment method is safest and most effective, so I am holding off until I know more about it.

I have read on another dog forum that this all-natural product has been successful in treating existing HW infestations. I don't know anything about it but you might consider looking into it.
HWF (Formerly HeartWorm Free) - Products

Also wanted to add, I recall reading on a holistic vet's website, he has kept his doggy clients HW-free using Heartworm nosodes, which is basically like a "holistic vaccine" against heartworms. Try looking up holistic veterinarians near you.

Good luck with your pup!
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Old 1st June 2011, 04:26 AM
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That's what I was going to say as well! I have NEVER heard of a 2 year atbx regimen! 2 weeks of Doxy and a monthly, or bi-monthly dose of Heartguard/Iverhart depending on the if the dog tests low, med, or high HW+
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