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Old 12th October 2010, 09:51 AM
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Best dry dog food

Hello, my 9 year old boxer has been on Iams for almost his whole life until last year he started throwing up and I got him off the food and started giving him Royal Canin on a vet suggestion. Now Ive been looking at the reviews for the 6 star dry food and possibly some canned food to help out. There are so many our there, could someone recommend a good 6 star food for the money? Im also open to trying raw food if I knew I could find enough to feed him. Thanks all.
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Old 12th October 2010, 11:06 AM
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I've had the best with Taste of the Wild "High Prairie" (yellow bag)
I think it's the best priced of the 6 star rated dog food.
I get the big bag (30lbs) for $43 ...
I also feed way less than the less quality food I tried.

Snatch and Oxford have been eating this for 1 year now and I don't want to change. They are finally keeping the weight, their coat is shinny, poop is hard, not weird "fake throw up" from Snatch anymore.

I tried the wetland (duck) formula, but Oxford's ears were red with that one.

i tried a bunch of 6 and 5 stars food, but taste of the Wild is the best for my doggies so far

As far as can, i sometimes add canidae lamb, evangers, Merrick... but the weirdly prefer canned carrots and canned green beans (no salt added cans)

Hope this helps!!
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Old 12th October 2010, 11:09 AM
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Thanks, I really appreciate it, thats funny because right after I read your response I just picked up a small bag of the TOTW prairie bison formula to try for my boxer. He really likes a good smell so i figured he would like the strong aroma of the bison formula but we will see. I can always switch and see what he likes best. Thanks. I'm also thinking of rotating the Innova red meat in there too occasionally.

Old 12th October 2010, 11:14 AM
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I also recommend Taste of a Wild kibble. I rotate with Evo red meat and sometimes wellness core. For canned food I buy wellness grain free, merrick 100% rabbit, pheasant, buffalo.

Old 12th October 2010, 11:24 AM
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For the money, I agree with Taste of the Wild. Might be worth it to give it a try but remember, not all dogs tolerate food the same. I used to feed it to Juno but it did not sit well with her.... but a lot of foods don't sit well with her, so maybe she's a bad example.
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Old 12th October 2010, 11:52 AM
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Did you look into any of the commercial raw diets? I'm pretty sure Nature's Variety makes one and Honest Kitchen (?). There's a raw feeding forum on here with tons of good information as well.

We feed Orijen and are very happy with it. It's the most expensive dry food that I've seen (not why I chose it ) but is grain-free, high protein, and ethoxyquin free (a preservative that is carcinogenic). TOTW and Instinct are also very high quality grain-free foods.

Johann doesn't do canned food, but we do add cooked meat (usually chicken- no bones if it's cooked) to his food a few times a week and raw meat bones every few days.

Congrats on making such a healthy change with your dog. The infomation about dog food was totally new to me when I joined here....we were all set to feed Science Diet to our boy until someone linked to dogfoodanalysis.com
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Old 12th October 2010, 01:00 PM
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No I haven't looked into the commercial raw diets, but i figure they are kind of expensive. I will try this TOTW first and see how it does. I know boxers should have raw meat and bones from pretty much anything, but can they have say a pork chop bone with a little meat still left on it thats cooked? Also, my sisters boxer hate a bone one day and she threw it back up and it wasn't digested. Just want to make sure its safe to give my boxer bones and cooked meat. I will give him some carrots and beans sometimes too. Anybody got any suggestions for shedding? Salmon oil help?

Old 12th October 2010, 02:13 PM
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I'm willing to bet that the higher quality food will take care of the excess shedding issues. If not, some people give fish oil caplets or salmon oil.

You can give cooked meat but no cooked bones. Cooked bones will splinter, raw bones will not. We give a raw rib bone 2-3 days a week to Johann and he loves them (eats the pretty much the whole thing).

From what I've read on the RAW forum, it's pretty normal for dogs to occasionally throw up pieces of bone that are too big to be digested. We usually take away the bones when they get to be "swallowable" size just to be safe.
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Old 12th October 2010, 03:01 PM
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we feed TOTW here also , and we LOVE it ! Sam has kept on weight and kush is a chubby little girl ! lol

I also add some wellness 95% a cpl times a week - also some cottage cheese & usually add yogurt in the evening.

before i came here , i thought puppy chow was a good kibble ! wouldn't dreamed of spending 43.00 on a bag of food , but that bag feeds 3 boxers for 2 weeks !! so its actually CHEAPER !!!

hope all the info helps !!!
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Old 12th October 2010, 05:11 PM
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Yep, I also feed TOTW but I only feed the Pacific Stream version as my allergy dog can't have the other versions due to his food allergies and the higher protein versions give my GSD soft stools so we stick with the Pacific Stream version. I get a 30 pound bag for $39.99 in my area.
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Old 13th October 2010, 06:59 AM
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Smile Dog Food

I feed my three dogs Acana, it's a food made in Alberta Canada, from whole ingredients. No corn, rice, grains...my dogs LOVE it, and they are doing really well on it. Their coats are shiny, no loose stools, healthy teeth, lots of energy. Look it up, they have a good website. Royal Canine is garbage, so is Iams.
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Old 13th October 2010, 08:34 PM
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TOTW with Bison here too. Switched to it cold turkey with no problems. Peaches gobbles it right up. She's a member of the clean bowl club. she'll lick the bow after she's done.