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Old 27th December 2003, 05:07 PM
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Question How do I stop them from tearing up the backyard?

I'm not sure if this should be posted in this section or in the behavior section.

We have two dogs, which by themselves are really good and do not tend to get into trouble.

But, when outside together they get into everything, such as eating all of my plants, pulling up the drip system, eating the patio furniture seat cushions, and, well, I could go on and on. You can tell for the most part they are 'playing', for example one will play keep away from the other with a piece of the drip line hose!!

When we see them doing something wrong, we do correct them and bring them in the house - - but within a matter of minutes, the younger dog is ringing the bell to go out again to 'play' some more!!

Any ideas on how to stop them from destroying our backyard?

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Old 27th December 2003, 05:34 PM
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Cindy, ours get carried away playing in the yard as well You are on the right track by stopping play when they are in 'no go' zones. One thing I've found useful is to provide them with toys for the yard that multiple dogs can play with. If they are into something I do not want them to touch I'll just call them to me and give them one of the toys or distract them so they forget about what they were doing. If it persits they come inside for 5 minutes to calm down. We have had to work out what we feel is acceptable outside and what is not, and then work out what we want them to do or play with instead of wrecking things. The toys are not necessarily dog toys and some are things I've made up for them to play with - like a thick rope hanging off a tree for tug.

In fairness to them we have things outside they can play with and wreck - that is half the fun of having other doggy playmates Ours have an area they can dig in, bits of the garden I don't mind pulled out or squashed etc, and area of lawn for wrestle games ....

Good luck


Old 27th December 2003, 07:44 PM
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Oh Cindy, Cindy Cindy....how familar this story sounds. Gee, do you think Marley and Joe can be brothers? We just spent a HUGE amount of money this summer having our yard landscaped. I think Joe thought we did it just to give him a huge area to wreck! He too, likes drip systems. We are not sure which plants they came from, but we will know for sure when they die from lack of water! We also have holes here and there and other assorted damage. I think keeping them busy is the answer. Oh, by the way, Joe said to tell Marley he is going to call him later to compare notes!

Old 27th December 2003, 07:58 PM
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Mine do the same things. We have a very large back yard, so we put a fence right down the middle. We landscaped the side that the dogs are not in. On their side they can rip and snort and dig. I am going to get some outside toys. They also got the side with th patio. I built them a sorta tunnel with a piece of ply wood. I leaned it up on the brick wall. They like to hide from each other. I guess doggied hide n go seek. The mixed breed is the one that likes to dig holes. Samson and Delilah do not dig. There aren't any flowers or plants. We lined the fence with the large landscape stones. They look like red brick. They love to run around on them. That way they don't wear a muddy path along the fence. They stay a little cleaner.

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