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Old 2nd October 2009, 02:04 PM
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Out of control dog

I really hope someone can offer some advice on this because my 3 yr old boxer is out of control. First of all, my dog Cash is not motivated by treats and could really care less about food. To get him to listen to me is really frustrating and it has gotten to the point that no one wants to dog sit for me anymore. The last 2 times I was out of town he escaped from the house by running by someone when they opened the door. He refuses to come when called and basically will only do commands when he his in the mood. I am the only one that can get him in his crate and he injured my mother when she tried to get him in his crate. I know that he knows commands but he won't do anything if there are any distractions. He did fine in an obedience class when he was a puppy, but I am too embarrassed to try an intermediate class. I would appreciate any help and I am willing to try anything!!
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Old 2nd October 2009, 02:32 PM
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Not sure I can offer much advice, maybe try redoing the obedience class, since he isn't motivated by treats try and find something he loves a toy or whatever.

I would also start the nothing in life for free. He has to do something before he gets anything (meals, treats, your attention), which will help you reestablish your "alfa" role with him. He has to sit and stay before he gets his food. He doesn't got for it till you tell him okay. If he moves pick it back up, retell him the command and try again. Sometimes it take a few times before they get the picture. Make him lay down or whatever before he gets your attention or a treat.

Something to try anyway. Good luck.
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Old 2nd October 2009, 05:15 PM
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I agree with the above post and I was wondering if he gets lots of exercise. A good boxer is a tired boxer. I wouldn't be too concerned about him being bad in obedience class. Ms. Ali was a terror in her first class. They usually settle at around age 3. It sounds like he needs discipline and also he's not recognizing you or anyone else in your house as the boss. I think that's the biggest problem. Wishing you all the best.
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Old 5th October 2009, 07:05 PM
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With no food motivation I was just wondering if the dog was free fed. Meaning food is down on the floor at all times. Often times if the dog is always full food is not a motivator. If you are free feeding get that bowl up of the floor and have scheduled meal times. We feed twice a day some people only feed once. Make him earn is kibble. Don't just put food in the bowl and set it down, set down an empty bowl and when in inspects in and looks at you toss in one kibble wait for him to look at you then give another kibble. This takes a while but it helps him understand that everything good is now comming from you. I agree with Nothing is Life is Free (NILIF) you can google it and get a better defination. What kind of treats are you trying? And are you training after he is full from a meal? Think about the value of your treats. If you are using a low value treat in a high distraction environment it will not work. Think hot dogs, boiled chicken, fried liver. With dog training you must use baby steps. Start with low distractions like inside the house make sure the behavior is good in the house before you practice in the yard. I use lower value treats in the house and higher value treats outside. It is all about baby steps. Read anything by Pat Miller as well as Patricia McConnelle.

Old 7th October 2009, 08:27 PM
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Thanks everyone! My dog is free fed. I started doing that when he was a puppy since he is so thin. I have started exercising him more before working with him and it is really helping. I found that he does like bacon and that is becoming a huge motivator for him. I have tried liver treats and chicken, but he is going crazy for bacon. I will start feeding him on strict schedule because I think that will help. We are not quite ready for off leash training outside, but I am working on it. I appreciate all of the advice and I am trying everything suggested!!