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Old 27th January 2006, 11:24 AM
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Thyroid Problems and Aggression

Hello all, I am posting this as a favor to one of the other members of my rescue. He is having some trouble with his own male and I really dont know enough to help him. He is in contact with a very GOOD vet in our area and is working closely with the vet to help this issue, but it never hurts to get other advice, just in case something the vet hasnt thought of.

Ok, here is the background on Cody: He is a male boxer, approx. 4-6 yrs old rescued as a stray and adopted by our adoption coordinator. He has never liked other dogs and must be kept seperate from all the foster dogs, but is quite willing to play and behave around Doug's female mocha. Since his adoption he has been found to have a hypo-thyroid condition and is overwieght. The vet put him on Phyrosyn, after being on the medication, Cody began getting aggressive with doug and his wife. Doug felt that the medication was making him more aggressive so he took Cody off the medicine. So everything went back normal for awhile. Then I finally convinced Doug to switch to a premium kibble chicken soup . Everything was ok, Cody was not happy about the reduced amount of food at each feeding though, but that is understandable. Then our rescue got a LOT of Merrick and most of it was either puppy or senior, so we thought the senior diet would be better for Cody to help him loose his weight. When Doug switched to Merrick, Cody began attacking Mocha. So, back to CS. But the behavior is still present, Cody is still attacking Mocha. Doug is very worried, we have talked to a trainer/behavioral consultant and she recommends that we put Cody on a diet that is high in protien and fat, that eventhough he is overweight the protien and fat are essential to his thyroid condition.
So, Doug asked me what I have read on here I told him I would post this for him and see if we get some new "avenues" to try. I mentioned yesterday that he put Cody on the BARF diet, it might help him control the ratios of protien/carbs/fats. If this would help, what are some specific recommendations on what should be a good "diet" for this boy.
Thanks in advance!
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Old 27th January 2006, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by KonaKoffe
By the way is Cody neutered?
Yep! all dogs are neutered/spayed before adoption, even to rescue members but it is quite possible that he was neutered "late in life" if you know what I mean. I will check into the kelp. Poor man is beside himself, this is such a tough thing to go through. He doesnt trust Cody with any dog or any of his grandkids.

Old 27th January 2006, 01:19 PM
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My experience

One of our dals was becoming very moody when she was around 3-4 yrs old. Aggressive with other dogs and just plain bitchy. We had her thyroid tested and she had to be put on Soloxine. After about a two week period on that, it drastically changed her attitude - for the better. She was less moody, less aggitated and much better around other dogs. She still doesn't LOVE other dogs, except for my boxer MUSH of course, who she adores, but we really did notice a personality change with the Soloxine. I've had two other dals, both also had to be put on soloxine, but there was never any behavioral issues with them either way. My dal gets Science Diet RD to keep her weight under control, and my boxer get's Nutro Lamb & Rice.
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