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Old 14th May 2004, 06:26 PM
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Question How Much Does it Cost to get A Dog's Ears Clipped???

I am just wondering because we 4 month old boxer puppy and I was wondering what is the age they should have got it done at because I think smokey is a little old to have it done now???
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Old 14th May 2004, 07:26 PM
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I was told 12-14 weeks is the optimal time for ear crops. After that some vets won't do it, other vets will do it but it is kinda late. I got Brandy when she was 4 months old & looked into getting it done on her too. Well, they said they would do it but wouldn't be able to guarantee her ears would stand. I thought it wasn't worth it, I would end up spending all that money $200 or so and putting her through all the pain & then they wouldn't stand I couldn't take the chance. Then when I look at her I think she is beautiful the way she is without the crop.

I had Britnee's ears cropped when she was 12 weeks old and they stood up from day one. It was only $100-150 for her spay and her crop. But that was also 9 years ago.

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Old 14th May 2004, 07:43 PM
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I paid $300 for Roxys crop about 2 years ago. 4 months is too old however to crop a pups ears. You would probably have a very difficult time getting the ears to stand properly, if at all. That is, if you could find a vet that would crop a pup at that age. My vets cut off is at 12 weeks, he wont do any after that as it may not even be worth it. I know this is standard practice for cropping vets and some will not even crop after the pup is 10 weeks old. Enjoy those floppy ears, they are just as adoreable.

Old 15th May 2004, 11:09 AM
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It cost me $130 to get Bo's ears cropped, and he was about 13 weeks old. I agree that your pup is a little old, but if you take him for a consultation right away, the vet may think that it could still work.

Old 15th May 2004, 12:26 PM
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It cost me $150.00 to have my dogs ears cropped and then $5.00 a week for the taping. The age of the pup really does make a difference.

We purchased Diesel when he was 12 weeks old and made the appointment to have him cropped right away, unfortunately they were not able to get him in for antoher 3 weeks, so he was 15 weeks old when he was cropped. The vet stopped taping his ears at 11-1/2 months old and I continued to tape them on my own for another year. He is now 2 years old and his ears still do not stand properly.

Daisy was cropped at 10 weeks old and is now a year old and her ears stand beautifully.

Old 15th May 2004, 01:29 PM
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It cost me over $400 to get Scrapper cropped but the vet is an expert who has people coming far and wide for his work. We were intending to try our luck with Scrapper in the show ring, but Mother Nature thought otherwise when she was giving him testicles. Also, Scrapper was only 9 weeks old when he was cropped and I'm pretty sure your puppy is past the age to get a good result.
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Old 26th May 2004, 11:31 AM
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They like to do the cropping before 13-14 weeks. I had Abigail's done at 10 weeks and we're in the taping period now. They look really good. I have some pics posted of the before, during and after shots. The cost well 7 years ago for Brandy I paid about 150.00 for her cropping but this time it was about 300.00. We used a different vet and they did a show cut, it's much taller than with Brandy's. I really like the cropped look. We've had three tapings so far and I was really surprised that they taped her again yesterday I thought they looked great.