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Old 12th May 2004, 10:28 AM
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Question Losing hair/Allergies

Hi All;
My 18 month old Boxer bitch is losing patches of hair, AGAIN! I would love to hear some feedback on what you think could possibly going on with her. She first started losing hair in patches at around 8 months. I thought it was Demodectic mange, so treated her accordingly. Then when it got progressively worse, I took her to the Vet and she did a skin scraping, no mites. Also tested for fungus and did a thyroid test..no fungus and Thyroid came back normal. So she said it was probably Allergies. About the time she started losing her hair we had moved to a farm out in the middle of wheat farms where they did a lot of spraying on the fields. She ended up almost bald on the back of her neck and in about 4, 4 inch patches on her back. We just recently moved to another area of the state, and the hair started coming in after we had been here for 3 weeks....needless to say I was elated. Thought we had solved the problem by moving away from all of the chemicals. Well, now this week I noticed that the same hair is starting to fall out all over again...the back of her neck and on the same spots on her back. I am at a total loss. She has no other symptoms at all. Not runny eyes or nose, and has all of her energy etc. Eats great. Nothing has changed. Does anyone have ANY ideas at all? Am I to the point where I need a dermatologist? I am about to pull MY hair out as this bitch is gorgeous and I really want to get her in the show ring. In fact, when the hair started coming back in, I went ahead and entered her in a Specialty and All breed show, now she will be bald again by the time the show is here......HELP!!! Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance

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Old 12th May 2004, 10:36 AM
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We went thru the same thing with Zoe. What we found out is that she has seasonal hair loss(alopecia) and that boxers are one of the breeds prone to this. There is no real cause or no real cure. We tried melatonin for awhile but it did nothing. Zoe's cycle is that she loses hair in the spring and it grows back in the fall. She is going bald as we speak, but the bottom line is that it is stricktly cosmetic and there is no real health problems.

I'm not sure this is whats going on with your dog but I hope it helps. Good luck finding out whats going on.

Tami & Zoe

Old 12th May 2004, 10:48 AM
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Same thing with Basil. He has seasonal alopecia. The did fungal tests because they thought it was ring worm, but after two negative tests they are convinced is just seasonal. I have read that this is very commom in boxers. I even know of a boxer who lost all of his fur and it all grew back in - only softer.
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Old 12th May 2004, 12:15 PM
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Have you considered switching to a natural diet? It's not a silver bullet, but a great many people find that feeding raw natural foods helps a lot with allergic dogs as it helps to strengthen the immune system. Lots of information in the barf forum if you're interested in that

Old 12th May 2004, 01:17 PM
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Sunny has seasonal alopecia also.. She went through all the tests also. And it took time but grew back just as beautiful.

Old 12th May 2004, 01:24 PM
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Red face

Ronin has seasonal alopecia too. He lost the hair on his neck right below his ears. He also kept getting staph infections and had a yeast infection in his ears. Other than this, he acted totally normal! I am going to switch him to BARF - but I'm still in research mode and am a bit scared to start I ended up taking Ronin to a Dermatologist. He has allergies to some stuff indoor but mostly outdoor. Things like trees, molds, grass.....I am now going to start him on Auto Immune Therapy and I hope it helps.

Best of luck finding out what's bothering your precious baby! There are a ton of threads on BW about this subject - so if you do a search you will find it!

Old 12th May 2004, 03:00 PM
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Smile losing hair too!!

Hi everyone. I'm new here today. I have had 6 boxers. only the best, rite?
I have a 5 yr. old rescue that started losing his hair 3 years ago. I took him to the vet and they, of course, did all the bloodwork and said he is hypothyroid and losing hair is a normal symptom. Hank is losing more this yr. than last. Both sides and his back are getting bald. I'm gonna have to get him spf 50!!!! I give him a thyroid pill, 3 squirts of fattyfishoil, and 3 tabs of Brewers yeast, daily. Who knows about the thyroid prob. Anyone on here have that prob. too? I'm glad you all are here!! love, Jan & Hank

Old 12th May 2004, 03:19 PM
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Here are pictures of seasonal alopecia:


If this is what your pup has, it's primarily due to lack of sun in the fall/winter months. For those of you who don't live in the sunnier climates, there's nothing you can do about this!

I was in NC and one of my dogs lost patches on his sides. After moving to AZ, 3 weeks later the hair grew back!

Feel free to send your pups my way!


Old 16th May 2004, 05:51 PM
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Losing Hair

I live in NC and have three boxers (all from the same family). Penny is from the first litter and she will be 3 in June. I have had her with me for 1 year. Also have her brother and sister from the second litter. Layla and Zeus were two in January. Penny started losing her hair over her flanks about 4 months ago and it has gotten worse. I have also noticed that Layla has started to also get that dark looking skin in the same areas. What I have found is that it is a condition call "seasonal flank alopecia". It doesn't hurt and it is only cosmetic. I also did some research and found that boxers are prone to this especially females who have been "fixed". All my dogs have been fixed but Zeus does not seem to have this condition as of yet.

I haven't really started doing anything for them because all I have seen has said not to treat the first outbreak. If the hair doesn't come back soon I would like to try something. If anyone has tried something that actually worked I would love to hear from you.


Old 16th May 2004, 06:09 PM
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Red face Rusty Is A Baldy!!!!!


My Rusty seems to be like Boxerxrbest's poor hypothyroid animal!!!! Rusty has been bald on his back and sides for about 2 years now, and also has silvery crusts on all 4 of his elbows. He has had his thyroid checked, changed diets, etc, but still remains this way. He gets acne on his head, chin, and sometimes his back. I use benoxyl 10 to wash him with, and give him 10mg prednisone daily to keep him from scratching. It is some type of allergy problem, along with boxer alopecia. Although he is going bald, he is still a handsome boy!!!! I am just thankful that it is just that, and not some worse problem like cancer!!! I only let him out for brief periods of time, because I do not want him to get sunburned. Please look in my gallery for pictures of Rusty, you can see his thinning hair on his back and sides.

Old 17th May 2004, 03:51 PM
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any cream to give?

Hi all. loved Rusty's pics. I had a Rusty. He was my 2nd. of 6 boxers. I give my Hank a thyriod pill everynite. The vet says this hair loss is also part of thyriod prob. Also, Hank is getting white hairs betw. his shoulder blades which the vet says is also common. I have him on Brewers yeast and a liquid fatty fish oil. HE always gains wt. at this time. This is his 3rd. spring to lose hair. He is fine other than that. I agree. No Cancer.I lost a 3 1/2 yr old boxer rescue to cancer after I'd had him only 11 months. so this is a piece of cake!!! But now I wonder what can be put on his skin, as it's black and getting dandruffy. Any creams or whatever!!! I will take a picture and let you see.
thanx everyone for being there. Paws & licks,
Jan & Hank!!!

Old 17th May 2004, 09:08 PM
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Lacey has a problem with itchy paws and I changed her diet. I feed her a much better kibble. Last year her paws weren't near as bad as in the past.