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Old 11th September 2002, 10:12 AM
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This is the first place I check everyday to see how Linus is doing. Hopefully he is doing better. I am scared as you have given an update in several days. Please let us know. I am thinking of you. Remember to take of yourself too. Teressa
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Old 11th September 2002, 10:30 AM
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This is one of the only threads which I have the email notification set to "on" for whenever it gets a new post...

We all hope and pray that Linus is doing better. Hugs and slobbers from the whole family.
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Old 11th September 2002, 02:11 PM
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Poor linus

I have just read through this whole thread! wow, I feel so bad for you and linus. I also worked for a vet for many years, and have seen many neuters, licking at the suture site will cause inflammation at the suture site, and maybe an infection but nothing like what linus is going through! I think the vet did something wrong with that neuter, there is just no other explanation! I hope you find a doctor who is competant enough to figure out or atleast say yes this is a result of a botched neuter! If dogs have prostate problems, it usually results in the dogs not being able to urinate due to a larger than normal prostate, the remedy for this is to neuter the dog. But all this happened as a result of a neuter so it leads me to believe the doctor did something wrong, because the incision is made right over the penis. and now he can't pee? I would be yelling at that doctor! I hope linus gets better, and congrats on your pregnancy!
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Old 11th September 2002, 08:37 PM
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Poor baby!

We will keep you in our prayers, I can't believe that the vet is not taking responsibility for this! I just hope that you and linus can hang in there and that this will all get better.
Good luck to you both and have some kisses from my Tobie to help you along!!

Hailing from Virginia
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Old 12th September 2002, 12:27 AM
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I am getting really worried
we haven't heard from Linus' mom for a few days now!!!
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Old 12th September 2002, 03:02 AM
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We're all praying for you Linus!

Haven't heard anything in awhile and we're all real concerned. Hope Linus is doing better.
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Old 12th September 2002, 07:01 AM
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Still wishing you the best, and as you can see, you have a whole community behind you, let us know what is happening when you get the time and strength from dealing with this.

Old 12th September 2002, 11:02 AM
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No new yet?

I can't stand the suspense - I want to hear that Linus is ok.

I'm sending up some prayers for you and your family.

Get back to us soon with news.

Old 12th September 2002, 11:33 AM
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I too have been following your post on Linus. My heart breaks for what you must be going through. Please let us know how he is doing. Buster send big kisses Linus' way!
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Old 12th September 2002, 11:39 AM
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Okay Longest response ever (sorry everyone)

OOOhhh...okay i know what this is like, unfortuantely the same EXACT!! thing happened to me....but it was with my cat...i don't know how close the anatatomy of cats and dogs are, oh I wish I could call you and talk this over with you, this sounds like exactly what I went through with my cat.....and you'll never ever beleive that his name is Linus....

After Linus was Neutered he began having the same problems, squatting, squatting no pee...he would squat anywhere in the middle of my living room, in laundry baskets etc....the first vet I went to told me this was "Blockage" and it is VERY common in male cats that have been fixed....okay, catheder in, put him under drain his bladder, i take him home...
this happened three times, there were no answers...so I switched vets...

Second vet Says no no it's not the common type of "blockage" it's crystals forming in his bladder, he does not have some correct type of enzyme to break things down properly blah blah blah...So I let this vet have him now, well low and behold I have to come home from vacation as the cat sitter came over and linus was squatting in the middle of the living room rigid as can be crying....he was still like that when i got home 3 hours later....rush him to the vet...put him under, catheder, drain his bladder, I get a call at 7am from the vet where he is telling me that the Catheder is stuck inside my cat, they cannot get it out, the surgery is VERY dangerous and that he probably will not make it thru it, i should put him down....my cat was 1 1/2 at this time, and i had watched him be born....NO WAY!! I get in my car literally had to fight with them to give me the cat, (they weren't going to give him to me until I paid them!! ) HA well let's just say that the check could have been for $1 million dollars, i stopped payment on it on the way home...So now I'm driving with my sedated cat who has this bright red catherder hanging out of him....!! don't know where I'm going...

Finally I call someone I know who is very familiar with animals she tells me to take him to a holistic vet...so i do....She was from heaven!! She diagnosed that he had such a comprimised immune system from being put under sooo many times and this ongoing bladder problem which was actually his urethra deteriorating, that was causing on the blocks.. as well as there was irrepairable damage to his urethra from all the catheders.....She wiggled the catherder out, we put him on a strict holistic regimin...and then unfortuantely we ended up doing a $1200 surgery on him...he is now my tranvestite Kittie...no penis, just a whole....but he pees like a champ!! and he is now 6 years old!!

Okay moral of this whole crazy long reply.....Run do not Walk to a holistic vet...it is something internal, something has gone wacky...and catheder after catheder is only going to make the problem worse in the long run...

I'm with you...I really really feel for you and Linus...Keep your chin up, he'll be okay...and congrats on the baby!!
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Old 12th September 2002, 12:04 PM
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Hi Everyone. Wow! Over 60 resposes and 1600 people have read the thread.... amazing! Sorry for not updating sooner. I am actually 14 hours away from home right now on a work retreat and just managed to get access to a computer. I will have been away from home for 8 days (Saturday to Sunday the 15th). It is really hard to be away from hubby, Franklin, and especially Linus.

After Linus's ultrasound on Saturday, the vet told us that he saw a huge blood clot which he thought may be the reason for the swelling and therefore the bladder problems. He also thinks that Linus has an infected (and therefore spasaming) urethra. He took him off the Valium (thank god) and put him on a liquid anti-inflamatory, and another drug ( whose side effects can cause liver problems ). He is also taking his Novalexin antibiotic as well. I HATE THAT MY 6 MONTH OLD PUPPY IS TAKING SO MANY MEDS.

Darling, darling Hubby drops Linus off a the vet near our house everymorning before school and picks him up after work. They just monitor him and give him his meds. Today they are going to remove the cathedar to see if he can pee. Fingers and toes are being crossed by many! If he can't, then I don't know what we will do. We are going almost 3 weeks now of constant vet care... and no one has any clue what to do next. The specialist who did the ultrasound calls my husband at home every other night to see how Linus is doing. There is lots of concern for Linus - just no answers. Most vets feel so bad that they are not charging us for half the services they are performing.

On a funny note - Linus is now wearing Huggies Pull-Ups for big kids. Hubby was getting sick of having to mop the floors everynight and sleep in a house that smells like a urinal. People get a real kick out of seeing a Boxer in Diapers! Linus doesn't seem to mind them. With his diapers and E-collar (which he has been wearing for 2 weeks now) he is quite the sight!

I will post again on Monday September 16th. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers - they are much appreciated.
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Old 12th September 2002, 12:22 PM
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Thanks for the update and hang in there. Sounds like Linus is finally on the road to recovery.....

Kasey will be very very happy...

Thinking of you all....

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