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Old 13th December 2012, 02:38 PM
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Exclamation Read this if your Boxer has terrible skin issues and hair loss

I just want to tell you about my dog Max's struggles. He is 6 now and virtually all of his life he has struggled with terrible itching and associated problems. His feet have always been pink. His fur had slowly gotten so thin that it was non-existent in places. Big patches of his skin had turned black. Where he used to have beautiful white paws and white chest, he now had pink and black paws and a pink and black chest. There was no hair at all on either side of his rump or the end of his tail. The top of his head was covered in "acne" that were protruding up out of the fur. He had gone from an energetic 75 lb boxer to a thin, frail and lethargic 65 lb dog.

We had tried everything. Allergy shots, multiple types of foods, special shampoos, "healthy skin kits" to rid him of all the bad yeast in his system. Nothing seemed to help.

The vet ran a thyroid test which came back borderline. Even though it was borderline, and not particularly low, we chose to treat it with medication.

I cannot tell you how great of a decision that was! Within 2 months, he has gained 12 lbs and is 77 lbs now. The hair has grown back on his bald spots. His "acne" is completely gone. His white chest is full and beautiful again. His hair is thick and soft again. And the greatest part of all is that he acts like he is 2 yrs old again. He has the Boxer burns again and he hasn't done that in a couple of years. He wants to wrestle again, and as odd as it may sound, I am so thankful that his mischievous streak is back. He will grab a sock again and run off with it. Just a few months ago he probably wouldn't have had the energy to get up if you put a steak on the floor next to him.

So, I implore you to get the thyroid checked if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you. And if your vet says "it's borderline, we don't need to treat it", ask him to try anyway. If my poor dog, who has struggled so much for years can make such drastic improvements in such a short time, then anyone's dog can.

Best of luck and God bless you.
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Old 13th December 2012, 06:11 PM
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I am so glad Max is doing so much better! Having two boxers on thyroid meds I know what you are talking about. Mine were not as bad as your poor baby, but the difference of being on the meds is definitely noticable. One of mine is borderline and has only been on the meds for about 6 weeks but her anxiety is almost gone! My other dog didn't lose weight like yours but gained it, and a lot of it! (nearly 30lbs!) He is has been on the meds for over 3 yrs and is staying at a healthy weight. I wish continued health for Max!
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