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Old 27th November 2011, 11:53 PM
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Angry Urgent recall- my dog cash in hospital due to jerky treats!

FDA Issues Dog Treats Warning

So as some of you may remember I made a post almost a week ago about my 2 1/2 year old boxer Cash, who recently started vomiting after giving him antibiotics along with panacur after brought home a 10week old boxer puppy...

well here is the nightmare I am now dealing with...

After Cash first started throwing up I immediately contacted the vet and took him off all medication, a day later Cash was still throwing up. I brought him back into the vet and they tell me he doesnt really seem sick enough for a bowel obstruction, and they think it was stress from the new puppy and that I should give him benedryl and pepcid. So I do, and it helps and he seems to be ok for that day..that night Cash is again vomiting but this time it seems to be more severe..next morning I call the vet and they say I can bring him in and leave him there...I decide to instead call my old vet from before I moved since she also has boxers.

She tells me to bring him to the nearest animal clinic for xrays and blood tests and have them sent to her..which I do... Upon entering I am in tears..I dont know what is wrong with my Cashie and I am scared for a bowel obstruction...I explain to the vet the situation that has been brewing for a few days and before even doing xrays he explains to me that cancer runs high in boxers and so does a form of Crohns Disease or it could be an underlying liver disorder...I just burst in to tears! The tech comes in to give me 2 estimates one being more expensive but with more thorough blood work and more xrays and I tell them to do whatever they can to diagnose and treat my dog.

The vet takes Cash back to do xrays and I am left alone with all of these thoughts swimming around my head...all I can hear is the vet along with his techs laughing and joking around which does not seem to be very professional or sensitive to my emotions at the time.

The vet comes in and directs me to a room where 3 other dogs are locked in, to review the xrays. He shows me that there is a lot of gas in Cash's intestine which is abnormal and he can not be sure of the reasoning but it would also point to a form of crohns. He then said he would like to do another xray to check for mega esophagus and I agree. Upon closing the door he says to his tech "We need to do another xray" she responds "of the boxer uhhh" he then says very loudly "yeah, i know but if if she had the funds available we could just sedate him to get better xrays." UM? EXCUSE ME?! when was this option given to me? No one ever said that he was being difficult and they could sedate him for better pictures! Also, did I not say "please do whatever you can to diagnose and treat my dog"...yes I think I did...Now mind you I rushed into the nearest vet as soon as the opened still in my pjs and I am a mess from being up all night and crying...is he judging me based on how im dressed?

At this point I just want my xrays and blood work faxed to my other vet. The doctor comes back in tells me the chest xray was fine says the other xrays are poor quality and they could do better ones if we sedate him so now im going to pay twice? I tell him no because I feel this was a ploy for more money...this guy is worried about how to get the most money out of me not the wellfare of Cash.

As I am leaving I ask the tech for the xrays and the bloodwork and my mother (who is a nurse) calls me to check in..she has a few questions for the vet so i ask him if he would mind speaking to her and he says "I dont spend 45mins explaining something to just explain it to someone else"...Well that just threw me over the edge! I respond with " I am sorry I am wasting your precious time and keeping you from joking and flirting with your staff!" He tells me how difficult it is to deal with clients who are crying over funds..I went ballistic! I told him that it is very unprofessional to talk to anyone like that and that I had said I would do whatever it takes and what heartless person would assume I am crying because of money! I am clearly and very understandably concerned and scared for my baby!

Then this guy rips the xrays out of my hand and said he will not hand them over without written request from my vet. Well everything said and done I got what I needed to my vet, she tells me to get my dog over to the animal hospital down the street from her office (they are a small practice) because he has pancreatitis (the other vet never mentioned to me)..which I do

Now at the animal hospital, they have to get Cash on IVs and antibiotics and anti nausea medication. Upon further test they confirm pancreatitis and suggest it was to do eating something that he shouldnt have or been poisoned of some sort...I have no idea how this could have happened, and I start thinking that someone may have thrown something over the fence...all kinds of things...but I keep a tight house and yard and I know it couldnt have been a plant or cleaners or anything like that.

So Cash has been in the hospital since yesterday afternoon and he is a pretty sick pup

A few hours ago I get a call from my aunt in Chicago who just watched Fox news and said that there is a recall brewing on Chicken Jerky Dog treats that are from China and sold at places like Costco...light bulb.

Upon research I find that these Waggin Trains treats I bought and have been feeding to my dog for the past month are on that list...FML

So I am almost positive that this is the reason my dog has become so ill! Not only do I feel completely guilty and responsible for this happening to him but I am also completely outraged at the fact that there are claims of dogs not just getting sick but dying from this! and this has not been pulled off the shelves!

Early today I had also given one of these treats to my puppy! again FML!

I hope this reaches others so that you guys will not have the same issues that I have run into with my precious Cash.

Also, the amount of heartless vets who are just looking for paychecks is just unbelievable to me!

best to all of you!

Colleen Mama to
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Old 28th November 2011, 05:55 AM
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Colleen, I'm so sorry to hear about Cash. What an awful experience you had at the vets. I'm glad you found a better clinic. Sending many (((healing vibes))) your way. Hopefully he feels better soon. There are some other board members with dogs who had pancreatitis, I'm sure someone will chime in and share their experience.
Thank you for passing along the warning about the treats.
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Old 28th November 2011, 08:26 AM
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I am sorry to hear about Cash Sending some healing (((vibes))) to your baby. And unfortunately, some vets are rude and don't understand the relationship between pet and owner (why they get into the field, I don't understand lol). Sounds like you did the right thing and Cash is in good hands now
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Old 28th November 2011, 10:43 AM
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Colleen, I am so sorry you had such an awful time with that vet! As for the pancreatitis,my Thor suffers from chronic pancreatitis. Hopefully Cash's is an acute case. Just the one incident and done. It is scary to go thru. Since he is at the hospital he is getting the best care. He'll be on fliuds and pain meds for 24-72 hours. Then they will start introducing some low fat food. He'll need several small meals througout the day so as not to over work the pancreas. It is something that is treatable and you now have him where he needs to be. So try to calm down and breathe. I understand how upset you are. The first time Thor had pancreatitis the vet missed for weeks! It wasn't until I said something that she even ran the blood work for it. I believe since it went on for so long without being treated that he has a chronic case now. Needless to say we switched vets.

Once you calm down go online and find review sites for local vets. Put down just the facts of how your visit with the first vet went so others is your area will be aware and can avoid something similar. That way at least something positive can come out of this mess.

I'm saying a prayer for you and for Cash. Sending lots of positive, healthy (((((vibes))))) his way!

PS I'm going to post your link on the Recall thread in the nutrition forum.
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Old 28th November 2011, 11:13 PM
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Cash has been in the hospital for going on 3 nights..I saw him earlier today and he was STILL vomitting. I feel like this cant be ok and isnt right...The vet said his energy level is good and hes mot in pain but i feel like Cash is just a trooper..they said they will check his blood work in the morning and then possibly a barium X-ray to look for an underlying bowel upstruction.

I feel like my dog is dying on me and I feel helpless and I don't know what to do. I am devastated and can't sleep.

Old 29th November 2011, 01:45 AM
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After reading this story I have thrown out a new bag of dried chicken jerky (made in China).
Harry has been very unwell and spent two days and a night at the vets on a drip for rehydration, antibiotics, and anti nausea.He would not eat or even drink for a whole day,started to vomit , and had absolutely no energy.The vet initially suspected pancreatitis.After lots of tests and $644 dollars later, the vet said his pancreas was normal and couldnt come up with a diagnosis.If it happens again he has to go back and have an ultrasound,but at this stage he is just about his normal self again.He was getting this jerky for treats but not anymore!
Thank you for posting your story,hope your dog is recovering well.

Old 29th November 2011, 01:05 PM
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You poor thing I really feel for you,but please remember that Cash is in the best place and getting the best care possible ,you are both in my thoughts and prayers and sending lots of healing <<<vibes>>> your way.
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Old 29th November 2011, 09:23 PM
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Turns out the toxin may have caused his duodenum to not work which won't allow the food to empty into his bowel which is making him very
Sick but also causing the pancreatitis...maybe this happened to your dog too we only found this out after goin to a 5th vet who did the ultrasound...not sure if this will be chronic from now on or will pass through his system I read that it could reverse in 6 to 2years...

Old 30th November 2011, 03:05 AM
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I hope he is getting better, and it sounds like you have a great vet who is looking after him now.Best wishes and lots of healing vibes for you as well

Old 30th November 2011, 06:34 AM
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How is your baby Cash today?
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Old 30th November 2011, 07:13 AM
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I feel so bad for you and cash I hope all turns out well for you both.I feel your pain there is nothing worse than the feeling of uselessness and the feeling of having your hands tied but Cash is in good hands now and with lots of good vibes and karma he will be ok.As for dog treats I have always made my own for my boy and for his special treats jerky I would buy human grade try it 1st before giving to my boy.I was a paranoid freak when it came to my boy people used to make fun of me some times and say things like "It's a dog" lol.As for that VET be careful of liable suit but I sure would try and get the word out some how.We love our pets and when they get sick we pay real good money to make them better we certainly don't need vets out there trying to soak us.That's where my husband steps in I cry my eyes out and say do whatever and he says NOW WAIT A MINUTE he always has the level head.Don't worry Cash will be ok now.Sending all the good vibes.
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Old 30th November 2011, 01:26 PM
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Just wondering how Cash is doing today.