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Old 21st March 2011, 08:12 AM
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Pancreatitis feeding (fat percentage?)

Roxy has been pancreatitis free for for almost 9 months now. She is currently on Canidae platinum (for seniors and overweight-8.5% fat, 20 % protein) and is doing great, once in a while she gets Wysong au jus (95% beef-7% fat or 100% rabbit-7% fat) as well as low or non-fat treats. I want to change her food as I feel she is still to young to be on a senior diet, she is 5 (48-49lbs) and was wondering if I could move her to Canidae beef and fish (rated 5 star on dogfoodanalysis.com...platinum is rated only 3) with a fat percentage of 12% and 24% protein.

When she got her second bout of pancreatitis within a month of the first they said it may be chronic so she needs low fat for the rest of her life. I understand that may be the case but I also think she may not have fully recovered from the first bout before having a relapse. She has been as healthy as a horse since we moved back to the US and I feel now would be a good time to switch her food. Or perhaps do half and half for a while....

Any advice is appreciated.
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Old 21st March 2011, 03:07 PM
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My boxer Steeler has chronic severe Pancreatitis. It is difficult on their systems to switch foods. If you want to try a different food it seems to be easier if you slowly introduce a new one. This will make it easier for you to see if she has an episode while you are introducing the food then she probably should not be switched. I have personally found that it is not necessarily the low fat but also to keep a low or no grain diet. I will be interested to see how she handles a new food if you switch her. I am always reading posts on Pancreatits to find more ways to help Steeler
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Old 21st March 2011, 09:29 PM
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Having had a dog who suffered from Chronic Pancreatitis, I would personally stick with the low-fat diet that is working for Roxy. I know how hard it is to feed a high carb, low-fat diet but if it's working for him, I don't know that I would change anything. I've read that with some dogs who have acute Pancreatitis, you can put them back on a regular diet with no problems. However, it really depends on the dog and if it's chronic, you're always at risk for a relapse. Everything I've read indicates that you need to keep them on a diet with less than 10% fat. You also need to remember that canned food is higher in fat and you need to convert it to "dry matter basis" in order to compare the fat % to dry kibble diets. I learned a lot on the following website:

DogAware.com Articles: Healthy Low-Fat Diets for Dogs

Good luck!
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