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Old 8th June 2010, 09:17 PM
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2 MO pees every 15 mins !

back ground ~

we got this 4 MO just a few days ago.( i really think she is closer to 2 mo ) was told she was UPT on puppy vacs( not true ) been wormed ( i am doubting now ) and had basic house training started .. NOT TRUE ~~~~

well 3 days later .... she is still , not happy with crate , ( expected ) BUT this is not my first puppy ( train service dogs ) BUT been a long time since we had a puppy THIS young.

my vet really respects me and the work we do , so i tend to do tons of research first , (to keep cost down when there ) and we CANT afford unneeded test , single mom ,my daughter n I rescue ( BUY ) these dogs , train them (all at MY cost ) and send them of to do the work they do best . we just want to give back something .

BUt this little girl will potty every 15 mins or so ... she has the crate concept going ... but if any physical activity is going on .. and then we take her out every 30 mins or so .. she still pees in the house. ( alot ) not saying she acts ashamed , ( dogs dont do that ) and she will do it right in front of me ... LOL ... just cant hold it .

so we have her first apt at the vet this week .. should i have her tested for a UTI .. she kinda came from a .. hate to say BAD home .. BUT her name is" Kush " ( and there carpet looked bad ! )

( took her to work ( police dept ) and they had a great laugh) ... "purple kush " is a high end pot plant ...

so SHOULD i spend the money to have her tested ..... OR did i JUST forget how often puppys pee !!!!

HELP !!! ! LOL ....

((((( FREE awesome puppy ... will post details !! great service work potential )))

~ Angela
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Old 9th June 2010, 06:03 AM
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Hmmm, not sure! If she really is only 2 month old I think every 15 minutes can be normal. Especially when they are up and running around/playing. My boxer puppy was never like that (you should have gotten another boxer, he he) even with 2 month she maybe had to go once every hour. Almost never had an accident. However, my puggle, her housetraining took soooo long and she had to go every 15 minutes. I would take her outside and 10 minutes later she would pee on the carpet, I would take her outside again, she would pee, bring her back inside, 10 minutes later she would pee again on the carpet. She was so quick it was impossible to catch her in the act.
I think I would ask the vet and see what he/she says.
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samsons (9th June 2010)

Old 9th June 2010, 11:08 AM
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I just took Suki in for a UTI. The test isn't expensive, which I know when you add it all up, that doesn't mean much! But that specific test might be worth it, as it's not a super high priced one. Hope she's peeing less soon!
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samsons (9th June 2010)

Old 9th June 2010, 11:28 AM
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UTI tests aren't expensive at all. My Vet had me to catch some urine in a sterile cup and bring it in for testing. Unfortunately, Stella's issue wasn't a UTI but instead Juvenile Renal Disease. Last weekend someone else posted a simlar question about their 12 week puppy having accidents. And here's what I posted to them:

"Just curious, does he seem to drink water like it's going out of style? Our girl Stella was diagnosed with juvenile renal disease. At about 12 weeks we started noticing that she seemed as though she couldn't get enough water. As a result of all of the water she wanted to pee every 15 minutes, however, she could "hold it" during the night from a very young age. After many months of tests and vet visits, at 7 months old she was officially diagnosed with JRD.

The symptoms you describe definitely sounds like a UTI. I definitely don't want to alarm you or cause you to worry. I just know that a UTI is the first road we went down in trying to figure out what was wrong with Stella. Vets don't see a lot of JRD so they don't automatically think of it. But JRD is showing up more and more in boxers. "
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samsons (9th June 2010)