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Old 2nd April 2010, 06:51 PM
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Question Puppy peeing TOO much?

Hey everyone.. my little 8 week old has starting peeing rather frequently, just over the past couple of days. Now I know these guys go all the time, but this is a little much. For example: I take him out to potty. He goes, and a good amount comes out. We go inside. Not even 4 or 5 minutes later, he pees on the floor. Not a large amount of urine.. just a little bit. I take him outside to show him where he is supposed to go. We get back in, and once again, 5-10 minutes later, he pees (small amount again). Now he plays for a little while, I take him out, he pees (small amount). We come inside, he naps for about 2 hours. When he wakes up I take him out and he pees.. but this time a good amount will come out. We get back inside, he plays, and not 5 minutes later I find him tinkling on the floor! This has been going on for 2 1/2-3 days now. Doesn't this seem to be a bit much???? I'm not exaggerating the time frames at ALL. And sometimes we'll spend about 15-30 minutes outside, and he'll go a couple times within that short period.

I took him to the vet before this started, and aside from some round worms in his stool (treated him yesterday with a dose of Interceptor) he got a clean bill of health. Now I'm wondering if I should call up the vet again and ask if this frequent urination is a problem?

Here's a little more basic info:

He doesn't drink a ton of water. He'll drink after he eats and if he's been playing really hard. But he doesn't over-do it. I don't give him water after 8 pm.

The peeing doesn't seem to have any pattern. Meaning it doesn't ONLY happen when he's playing or excited. Doesn't ONLY happen when he's tired and being lazy either. It can happen after he has a drink, or it can happen a few hours since he last had any water. It seems to come out no matter what he's doing! Though sometimes he'll dart off and I'll find a pee "trail" that makes it look as though he peed while he was walking/playing.

I have been feeding him a new food. He decided he did not want to eat the dry food his breeder had him on, or he would swallow it whole without chewing if he did. So I have him on a mix of crushed dry food and wet food. It's not exceptionally wet (Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice) and he seems to enjoy it.

He poops normally.. usually 4 times a day. No runny stools.. they are firm and dark brown in color. His digestive system seems to be handling the wet food well.

Could the wet food be the problem? I don't see how it could be causing him to pee so much without making his stools runny though.

What do you think? Am I just forgetting how much puppies can pee and not remembering that this is normal? Or is this something to be concerned about? The first few days I had him he'd only go every hour, sometimes every 2 hours. And from what I remember, my last Boxer pup would only pee every 1-2 hours at this age as well. Thanks for any replies!
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Old 8th April 2010, 05:37 PM
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With a puppy peeing constantly is of course normal. However if you think it is excessive then normal puppy peeing then I would have the vet check for a UTI or possible diabetes, or diabetes insipidus. However on another note, most puppys are not capable of holding their bladders that long and their bladders are not fully developed until they are around 6 or 7 months, so they will probably have a lot of accidents until then. When potty training a pup I have heard that you should take them out after they play, after the eat or drink, & when they wake up from a nap, so pretty much all the time. Good luck with your new baby
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Old 8th April 2010, 05:54 PM
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It does rather sound like classic urinary tract or bladder infection symptoms. Whilst puppies DO have to pee frequently, and many don't empty bowel or bladder all in one go - if this is a change in habit for your puppy, then I would strongly suspect an infection and head straight for a vet to sort it out (these sorts of things are easy to treat if you get them early - and are very uncomfortable for the afflicted - so two good reasons for addressing it early ).

As for general frequency - at 8 weeks, you'd expect the pup to have to urinate every half hour or so (unless asleep). Your last pup was the unusual one if he could last 1-2 hours on average. I would not consider limiting water intake or anything like that - the last thing you want is a dehydrated puppy. One upside of frequent peeing that you could keep in mind is that they're all opportunities to housetrain! So the pup who pees often has the potential to be trained faster (small comfort, I know, when it's your 20th trip outside of the day - but true nonetheless).
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