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Old 17th October 2009, 08:27 PM
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Unhappy Brain Tumor Symptoms in your Boxers - please help!

Hi, everyone. We have a beautiful almost 7 yearold (will be 8 on 2/27/10) female... this week has been one of the toughest ever. Tuesday, we woke up to her "trembling" so bad that she was shaking the bed. Her legs were drawn up to her body, and she was "stuck" or frozen. When I tried to move her, she cried. After a few minutes, she stopped shaking and got up and moving. We quickly got ready and took her to the vet. The vet examined and tested her and found that she wasn't painful anywhere. So, he prescribed Duromax and set a follow up appointment for Thursday. Wednesday, we noticed that she was being clumsy on her left side. She couldn't lift her left front leg very well, and had to think too hard about using it. She also didn't seem to be herself. Thursday, we took her to her follow up appointment. He did another series of tests and determined that since she wasn't in pain and had grown worse and clumsier since Tuesday, that it must be Neurological - he mentioned that there was a chance of it being a brain or spinal cord tumor.

He referred us to a Neurologist. We had to go in as an emergency, in order to be seen withouth waiting a week. When they tested her, they were concerned enough to admit her. She stayed overnight (which was SO hard for us). We were given an estimate of $3700 just to diagnose what is going on, which included an MRI and spinal tap. Friday morning, the Neurologist called me and reported that Bentley wasn't responding or reacting to the physical/preliminary tests she was putting her through - she wasn't favoring her left side or showing neurological signs. She didn't want to put her through a 3 1/2 hour MRI under anesthesia, without knowing whether to target her brain or her spinal cord. They kept her until late afternoon and did another series of the tests, which she was still unresponsive to. The doc felt comfortable sending her home with us for the weekend, to see how she does and reassess the situation on Monday.

My husband brought her home last night, and I immediately noted that she was still acting out of it and clumsy. I do not understand how the Neurologist didn't think she had any symptoms?! She isn't herself at all, and has periods of shivering. I have really had to coax her to eat, but she is drinking normally and pottying normally as well. It breaks my heart to see her act so differently. I just want to know what is wrong with her, so we can treat and hopefully fix it.

I have been doing a lot of research on the web and on here, on brain tumors. I know the symptoms that the research suggests is related, and I feel like she has too many of them. What I would like to know is what were YOUR dog's exact symptoms when they were diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord tumor? Real life experiences would be helpful, as opposed to all of the text book symptoms, if that makes sense. I really apprecciate your time and help. I want my baby to be ok. :-(
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Old 17th October 2009, 10:52 PM
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I cannot tell you 100% for sure, we are are 99% sure our Boxer (approximately 7 years old at the time) died of a brain tumor. I do not personally believe in treating that in dogs so we never paid the $2500 to do an MRI as we had ruled out other possibilities and that was really the only other one left, we were also told that many times the MRI's are inconclusive on brain tumors for whatever reason so we just made him as comfortable as we could for as long a we could.

Anyway, with that said, for us it started with seizures, grand mal as well as focal, extreme pain in the neck, getting lost in corners of the room and stuck between our wall and a/c units outside and not figuring out anymore how to back up, he'd walk in circles around and around and around the house never wanting to lay down and rest or would just stand there and stare off into outter space, he stopped responding to commands he had known his whole life, started going to the bathroom in the house, stopped eating (we had to force feed him) (he did always drink even right up until the end), being clumsy, couldn't walk up the stairs anymore his front legs would buckle like a horse and he'd get stuck, eventually (right before we put him down) he was virtually unable to stand up anymore without hours of coaxing and trying to pull him up. At that point, we had to take him and put him to sleep. In fact, that day my husband had to pick him up and carry him because he couldn't (or wouldn't) get up.

Now some of these were gradual, some hit like a ton of bricks. But it started with seizures in early January, and we put him down on August 22nd of the same year so it was pretty fast.

Good luck, I know how difficult it can be and truth be told, that's 7 months of my life that most days I'd just assume forget. I hope everything turns out okay though and that isn't what it is.
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Old 18th October 2009, 04:35 PM
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I'm so very sorry that your baby is going through this. Keeping her in my prayers and sending lots of healing vibes. Hugs.
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Old 18th October 2009, 11:10 PM
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My boxer boy passed away in June of '08 from a brain tumor that was due to Cushing's disease he was 9 1/2 yr old. He had almost the exact same symptoms as BoxerMommieNAZ.

Have you looked into Canine Tick Diseases? I Googled it and some of the symptoms you describe could be linked to tick disease.

Another interesting article I read said that workers at Auburn University reported severely debilitating hepatozoonosis in dogs from Alabama and western Georgia. The symptoms sounded like what you are describing in your girl. The article I read was pretty scientific but worth the read, especially the symptoms.

Have they done a complete blood panel, were her numbers good in all areas?

I hope you find an answer and please let us know how it is going.

Old 19th October 2009, 03:28 AM
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Have you done any reading at all on the condition Canine Vestibular Disease?

Vestibular Syndrome

Our Sophie had 2 bouts of this in her lifetime, initially we thought she had had a stroke or a brain tumour - loss of balance, walking off to the one side, in a world of her own, problems eating - all very scary. She did recover after a couple of weeks with anti-inflammatory injections and plenty of peace, quiet & rest.

Just a thought if the neurologist is not convinced it's a tumour.
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