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Old 3rd October 2001, 07:24 AM
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Unhappy cyst or tumor on back of leg??

over this weekend i was reading one of my boxer books and checking out cola's stance (according to the book's diagram cola stands perfectly!) anway i am only mentioning that because on sunday i did not notice this cyst or tumor that she now has on her hind leg on the back side ! i am very close with cola constantly hugging her and rubbing her so i would have definately noticed this! last night we were playing and when she turned to get her toy that's when i saw it. it looks dry and crusty, i touch it and it doesn't bother her. it is a lump, now what kind is the question. we are going to the vet tonight but i need your opinion. does this sound like a cancer tumor, i mean it grew over night!!!! help!
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Old 3rd October 2001, 11:30 AM
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I really don't know but Boxers are prone to all kinds of growths which are usually benign. Bru has had 2 non-cancerous growths removed and my current foster has 3 that were biopsied and are non-cancerous fatty tumors. Have it checked out but I am sure she will be fine.
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Old 3rd October 2001, 12:25 PM
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Susie had a lump like cyst on her leg also and the vet advised to leave it alone. It has gone away now, as did the lump in her throat area. It is a boxer thing. But, since you are going to the vet anyway, have him/her look at it and perhaps do a slide right then and there to see if it is just a cyst, fatty tumor or what. That will at least ease your mind about it.

Good luck. We'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Old 5th October 2001, 09:18 PM
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Boxers are prone to lumps always good to have them checked out by a professional but no need to panic until you know for certain... ok! My boy had a lump that grew overnight too it turned out to be an infected subatious gland (sort of like a big pimple) in the end the infection went away but a lump remained calcified did not cause him any pain and no danger. Our loving pups also are prone to blood blister like growths they appear warty looking often black or very dark red.. and full of blood these to are not cancer and can appear over night... but should be removed by the vet so that they do not get infected or develop into cancer. Don't panic my friend just see the doc and get an informed answer.

Old 23rd October 2001, 09:31 AM
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Unhappy Cyst

My Chip has a similar cyst on the back of his ear, this thing is big and got big fast. I was told to leave it alone and it might pop or fall off by itself. That was a month ago now IM worried. I have an appointment with a vet this Thursday, he said it will require minor surgery. It bleeds every so often when he scratchs it. I hope it isn't anything bad because IM sick to my stomach about it. It dosn't seem to bother him I clean everyday. IM going to have the vet do a biopsy on it as well. Im just crossing my fingers.

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Old 23rd October 2001, 09:41 AM
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Chase had a big cyst on his outer part of his ear and when he went in to get fixed I told them to go ahead and remove it. Since I am terrified when I find ANY lumps on my dogs. I guess I am just a paranoid mom!
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Old 23rd October 2001, 10:34 AM
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Unhappy Wow how weird

My new baby Sugar just got one this morning on her left rear leg. It's about the size of a nickel, dry and crusty looking and easily bleeds. Well we will be of to the vet later today to have it checked out. Best wishes and good prayers going your way from all of our gang.

Old 23rd October 2001, 05:52 PM
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Re: Wow how weird

Originally posted by terris37
It's about the size of a nickel, dry and crusty looking and easily bleeds.
We just recently had one of these same exact things that turned out to be a lick granuloma. Now I swore up and down she never licked it but after keeping a very close eye on her after about 24 hours I caught her in the act They are a pain to treat because the licking becomes a habit which continues to reopen the skin but I used some spray called Garagen (prescription from the vet we originally got to treat urine burns) and it worked wonders. I hope yours is something as simple as this too. Good luck!
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