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Old 8th July 2009, 06:04 AM
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Angry Old Girl regularly throwing up

Hi all,

I am seeking some of your Boxer knowledge which I know is out there.

My 12 and a half year old girl seems to be sick and I dont know why. It all started about a month ago and every now and then she would have a day when she wouldnt eat and felt sick.
Thats fine, I can live with that. But now it seems she has more sick days than not. Probably out of a week she will have 3-4 sick days. And when she is sick she just paces around and cant get comfortable. If she goes out the yard and eats grass to make herself sick she usually only brings up watery fluid and the grass but the last week she has been bringing up some of her biscuits from earlier in the day.

The only thing I have found that makes her feel better is if I feed her one peice of dry bread (for some reason it settles her tummy down).

Ive noticed too that when she is like this her gums are really really red and quite hot to touch and she licks her lips a lot. She also likes to drink a lot of water, but she has been doing this for ages and I always have to stop her at the bowl.

I really dont know whats going on with her and to be honest I am in a bit of denial. I know I need to call the vet out to run some tests, but I dont want to face what he may tell me. I know thats not rational thinking, but the thought of losing her just is unfathomable. having said that, I am so so blessed that she is still with me at her age.

The only other thing I can think of is she has a lump on one of her mammory glands. The vet has been monitoring it for about 12 months. It started the size of a pea and very very slowly has grown to just a bit smaller than a golf ball. The vet said back then that we should watch it and he has examined the area to see if it is contained which it is.

Im really just wandering if anyone out there can tell me if this sort of thing could be linked to cancer or disease? I will call the vet and get the tests run but just thought I would ask the "other" experts as well.

I really appreciate your help.

In slobber,
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Old 8th July 2009, 06:20 AM
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Im really just wandering if anyone out there can tell me if this sort of thing could be linked to cancer or disease?
Simple answer is YES. Stomach distress can certainly be a sign of some systemic disease. It can also be a sign of something much more generic and easily treated with proper diagnosing.

She needs to see a vet no matter how hard it is on you. I am currently counting down the minutes until I leave the house with my girl to head to her oncologists office. I KNOW the feeling you are having about something being wrong and yet not wanting to face it.

At hear age it could be any number of things. Thyroid, kidney disease, diabetes, etc....not curable but MANAGEABLE! On a happier note it could also be acid reflux or any number of other easier dealt with conditions.

Just make the call. Knowing what you are dealing with is 1/2 the battle. Denial is not good for her or you. All my best to you both. I hope you find answers and she is feeling like her old self again very soon.
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Old 8th July 2009, 06:55 AM
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I'm so sorry your old girl is having more bad days than good. I agree w/ Cami. I would take her to the vet regardless of what you might hear. A boxer making it to 12 is amazing in itself, considering all their health issues. There might be a simple fix to keep her comfortable in her senior years. I don't know what could be behind it all. But to be able to give her more good days than bad again would be my goal. Good luck and keep us posted. I hope it all works out for you and your old girl.
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Old 8th July 2009, 06:57 AM
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Thumbs up

Thanks so much for your response.

It does make sense that its possible reflux and I had thought of that before. The reason I say that is because its strange that a peice of dry bread will make her feel better.

I am definately going to call the vet tomorrow and have him come out and run some tests.

Your aboslutely right, its not good for me or her and it may be something simle and manageable. And if its not, well cross that bridge when I get to it.

thanks again for your help


Old 8th July 2009, 07:22 AM
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Hi,sorry to hear your boxer is not well.A friend of mine recently had a dog (rottweiller)with a similiar problem,and it turned out to be a swollen gland due to a ""false pregnancy"".The mammary was surgically removed and the dog (10 years old) is now fit and well.Hope everything works out for you.

Old 8th July 2009, 10:17 PM
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Hoping the best for your girl, and sending healing and positive vibes. Please keep us posted.
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Old 9th July 2009, 02:05 AM
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Hi all,

thanks for your replies.

I have arranged for the vet to come out tomorrow. Ive told him whats going on so he is going to run some bloods to see whats going on. Fingers crossed its minor and can treated easily.

thanks again.

Old 9th July 2009, 07:48 AM
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Don't you wish they could tell you how they are feeling?? Good luck with the vet. Please keep us posted. We'll keep ya'll in our thoughts and prayers.
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Old 10th July 2009, 09:02 AM
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Cool update

Hi all,

well the vet visited today and took some bloods and urine sample from Blayz. he seems to think it may be diabetes or Kidney trouble. He will have the results tomorrow so will call me over the weekend. So just have to wait now.... and cross fingers...

But you will never guess what she did? well you probably will considering we are all Boxer owners...

The vet had taken the bloods and was putting it in the different vials. He had the needle with its cap on sitting on top of a bag of treats. Well Blayz picked it up and started eating it... the Needle!

At first we thought it was a treat that fell out so I put my finger in her mouth and pulled the cap out! Well the poor vet freaked out, realising she had the needle in her mouth and put two fingers in her mouth to pull it out. The look on his face I could see he was in pain as the needle pricked him quite hard. But he managed to get it out before she swallowed. We just couldnt believe that she would do that, it was just unbelievable. And she was so lucky not to have swallowed it. Silly girl. The vet said "well, I wont do that again".

Anyway so Now I wait for a phone call and hope for the best.

Thanks to all who have sent there thoughts, I will kepp you posted in the outcome.

Old 10th July 2009, 09:13 AM
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Wow! I'm so glad you got that needle out, could have been a catastrophe in the making. Poor baby, first got stuck with it from the vet taking blood, then got stuck again thinking it was a treat! Please keep us posted on what the vet says, I've been reading this post hoping it all turns out to be something simple. Boxer vibes to you and your sweet girl.
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