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Old 19th June 2009, 12:18 PM
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swimming and hip dysplasia

I'm working on getting Jade swimming to build up her leg muscles, but so far, she's not loving the water! She doesn't mind too much until it gets deeper. Will it be beneficial for her to just run and play in sort-of-deep water? There is still some resistance when you walk in certain depths of water, so I'm thinking while not as beneficial as ACTUALLY swimming, still better than running on hard surface. Has anyone ever tried water therapy?
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Old 19th June 2009, 02:09 PM
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A friends dog has hip dysplasia and regularly goes for hydro-therapy. She swims in warm water which is good for the circulation (river water is too cold) under professional supervision. It has really helped her a lot. Crucially though exercise is limited to 15 mins max in one go to a maximum of 4 x 15mins per day. Ideally on a very flat, level, hard surface (pot holes aren't good for hips as are uneven surfaces). No hills or slopes either. Her dog is now 10 and only needs pain killers if she does something silly.
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Old 19th June 2009, 02:31 PM
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life jackets are crucial for swimming in my opinion,my dog loves to swim,but is much more confident with his on,swimming is one of the best things for a dog with hip dysplasia,no impact on the joints whatsoever,once your dog learns that it can be "fun" to swim,look out,theres no turnin back.good luck