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Old 17th February 2009, 02:19 PM
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Could my dog get sick from eating a mouse?

I adopted a boxer about 3 months ago. I live in a basement apartment, and every few months I'll spot a mouse, usually either running behind my washer/dryer or the boiler. I have poison/bait laid out in both places, and my dog has no way of possibly getting into the mouse poison.

I saw a mouse last night for the first time in months, and it's the first time I've seen one since I got my dog.

If my dog were to see the mouse and catch it, what are his chances of getting sick? And would it make any difference if the mouse had ingested any of the poison or not?

(My dog is up to date on all the usual shots...)
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Old 17th February 2009, 02:46 PM
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He most definetly could get sick, particularly if the mouse ingested the poison you left down. That is not to say he would but I would be more concerned about the poison than the critter. Mine have munched on many critters and outside of an upset stomach faired ok. The poison is a different story... Not much help to you I am afraid. Good luck

Old 17th February 2009, 04:07 PM
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If the (eaten) mouse has consumed the poison, then yes, it will affect the dog - pretty much the same as if he ate the poison directly. In large enough doses, it would kill. One poisoned mouse probably isn't going to kill the dog, but it won't do him any good either.

Options really are to either keep the dog somewhere else, or to switch poison for traps to control the mice.
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