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Old 8th November 2006, 09:48 PM
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Hi all,

thought Id update on Thai.

Well we seems to be on the mend (touch wood). No more yukky poos. He did one yesterday which was rather sloppy but it was poo (sorry for the grossness).

i am finally able to feed him again (he was fasted for 48 hours). He is only having boiled chicken at this stage. Im not game to give him more rice as this seemed to aggravate it more, even though he has eaten rice all his life.

i gave them both a half a teaspoon of yoghurt last two days, they LOVE IT!!!!

Im starting to think it may be the California Natural. The first bag I bought was the Chiecken meal and Rice, it had chicken first ingredient. but this second bag is that, but reduced calorie. It has exactly the same ingredients but rice is the top ingredient, so maybe it has too much rice for him. Just a thought. Porblem is Ive got another bag full. Maybe I can add boiled chicken to it to balance it more... any thoughts?

The odd thing though is that now Blayz seems to be off her food and went out to eat some grass just now so.... i have been giving her a tiny bit of CN mixed in with her normal food.

Anyway we seem to be making progress and he is jumping around being his normal self.

If anyone has thoughts on the California Natural Id love to hear.
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Old 9th November 2006, 06:40 AM
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Hi Leanne,..
Glad to hear that Thai seems a bit better, and is on the mend..Fingers crossed that Blayz is not going down the same route too...What I always do with Millie when she has the runs, is give her boiled rice and chicken, but I put in some cornflour too, as this seems to firm things up...It always works for Mills, so maybe it's worth a try.

It's a sad state of affairs in our house, when the main subject of conversation is the consistency of Millie's poo ...She always comes in like her tails on fire when shes 'been'..So I send the old man out to find the evidence, and always ask him what its like..'Is it a nice one'?...He tells me I'm nuts, it's poo, how can that be nice?...Yukky being so interested in what comes out of the other end, but I worry so much over the smallest thing with her.

I hope you manage to have a nice weekend, and both those babies remain well..I bet Thai can't wait to have a nice three course meal
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Old 9th November 2006, 07:47 AM
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Glad Thai is a little better. Saw your comment about the reduced calorie CA Natural. I had my boy on that for awhile and it did not agree with him. It has rice, like you say, and also more grain that the regular food. I put him back on the regular and just gave him less. My guy also did the grass eating thing and then would throw up awful looking stuff so no more grass grazing-I keep him on lead if I have to even in the yard. Hope your baby continues to improve!