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Choosing A Puppy How to choose the right puppy for you.

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Old 16th December 2002, 04:03 AM
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Puppy runny nose


My husband and I put a deposit on a really cute 2 week old boxer puppy. She's really adorable and we fell for her immediately, and in our "blinded love" we only remembered later that she had a little runny nose. It was clear stuff coming out, but I'm worried that it might be something bad. !I don't know if the rest of the litter had a runny nose.
Help! It was almost non-significant but what do you think?
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Old 16th December 2002, 07:40 AM
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Clear discharge is nothing to worry about. Normal. If the discharge is greenish or yellow, there may be an infection of some kind and a vet should be seen.

Puppies, like children, have to build up their immunities and get all kinds of little sniffles, "colds" coughs, etc., etc. All normal in the growing process.