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Old 1st October 2005, 07:19 PM
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the age of a male to breed

I was reading the code of ethics on the American Boxer Club and it didn't say anything about the age of male boxer to be use for a stub. I was just wondering if there is a age. I know that all testing can't not be completed until the dogs are at 2 yrs old or older. I was just curious what the age is for a stud dog.

I have no interest in breeding. Just curious to why there was an age for bitches but not studs.
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Old 1st October 2005, 08:09 PM
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No dog should be bred before their health testing is completed (usually at around 2 years). There is an age limit for females, because their body & reproductive system has to be mature enough to safely carry & raise a litter of puppies.

Allowing them to reproduce too young is VERY dangerous for the dam, & can be life threatening. Their little bodies just aren't ready to endure the strain of pregnancy, delivery, & nursing.

Males don't have to endure all this strain, they are considered sexually mature much earlier than females mostly for this reason. Keeping an intact male without allowing him to breed is dangerous (risk of infection, aggression, etc) it's like having an itch they just can't scratch.

It's smartest & safest to have both males & females altered, it reduces the risk of illness, infection, & behavior problems.. which it turn makes for healthier, happier pets.
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Old 4th October 2005, 01:32 PM
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The ABC Code of Ethics now has the following statement:

"Breeders should encourage the certifying of hips, blood testing for thyroid function, and screening for heart defects and other abnormalities that would affect the health of their dogs or the offspring of same, in conjunction with the current Health & Research Committee recommendations."

The H&R recommendations have 24 months as a minimum age for several of the tests.