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Old 27th January 2006, 08:17 PM
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Why do dogs get angry at other dogs?

Last week I was in PetSmart and there was some dog there, 10 mos. or so, and I asked the owners if he was socialized and friendly with other dogs. They said, absolutely! Champ barely approached him and the other dogs started growling and bearing his teeth.

Plus, there's a rottie in our training class and for no apparent particular reason, he always barks at Champ. I was thinking he was being playful, but his tail isn't wagging or anything (Champ's tail is, of course)...he just looks downright angry.

At the dog park, there are dogs that just know right off the bat, that they don't want to play with Champ, and if Champ tries, they get pissed.

What do they sense when they get so agitated?
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Old 27th January 2006, 08:25 PM
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That is really a hard question to answer. Sometimes it just has to do with the fact that if both dogs are on leash it is not possible for them to properly "aquaint" themselves (walk around freely and sniff eachother) and they may feel the need to protect themselves or their owner as they feel vulnerable being attached to a leash. Also I have seen dogs act that way toward Killian too, just get all tense or even get aggressive, and not for any specific reason that I can see, maybe it is a difference in the way he carries himself? Boxers are very different though, and some dogs I think, don't quite know how to "take" them. A Boxer's postures and ways of playing may come off as offensive or even aggressive to other dogs that are just not used to the way that boxers are when they are really just playing. They are a bit goofy and clumsy and some dogs might take it the wrong way??
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Old 27th January 2006, 08:45 PM
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I agree. Boxers can be a bit on the obnoxious side when it comes to getting to know other dogs. Champ is constantly in the face with his paws. we've come into contact with dogs taht seem absolutely fine until he starts jumping on them, and then, in turn, the other dog get aggravated...

Old 28th January 2006, 04:29 PM
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I think that Ali gets too excited around other dogs sometimes and that makes them nervous of her. She just wants to play and play and play.
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Old 28th January 2006, 04:43 PM
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I know how you feel, out of all the dogs we have come across in the last 4 weeks prob only 5 have been friendly, I am so 'on watchout' when we go out, all the dogs around here just seem aggressive, I am thinking of taking Ruby to puppy class but with so many unfriendly dogs I can't see her being able to play with them anyway!

I know Ruby gets up on her back legs and sometimes 'boxes' other dogs, always wanting to play, maybe this is seen as aggressive! I am getting good at spotting an unfriendly dog a mile away!
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Old 28th January 2006, 10:00 PM
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I think as dogs get older, many of them grow less tolerant of rude behavior from other dogs.... Boxers can be percieved as very rude to many other more aloof breeds just by their up front body langauge and the way they present themselves. I also know that it is normal for a dog not to like every dog it meets just like we don't like every person we meet.

My Duke for example, does not tolerate any rudeness at all from dogs he does not know. For example, if a dog came up to him and immediatly started trying to box him, he would get very upset and let the offending dog know by growling or snarling in their face. He doesn't look for a fight, but usually minds his own business and likes when the other dog does as well. I am not sure if this is related to not being socialized (I adopted him so I don't know his history) or just expecting the other dog to have better manners.

Duchess, I would consider the typical Boxer in that she wants to run up to every dog and say hi and box them. Even with her being friendly almost all the time, she has met a few dogs who have clashed with her. Sometimes its the look the other dog gives her, or maybe they didn't signal friendliness, but she has had a couple growly episodes as well. I personally do not let my dogs greet every dog they meet on their walks or at Petsmart because for one, alot of dogs are very defensive on leash, and two, I want my dogs to know that they can't say hi to every dog they meet. Its annoying when they want to stop and see every dog on our walks. I think its much more enjoyable if we can walk by with no excitement! Just my insight!

Old 29th January 2006, 01:57 AM
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Red face

Roxy is also not very tolerant of dogs that want to jump all over her. And she is was definately socialised, ie: puppy class, obediance training, etc. Actually the first time she ever met another boxer, and he tried to box her, she growled and barked at him. I was extremely concerned at first, but I realise now that this is just her thing......but, only when she's on her lead though.

Old 29th January 2006, 09:12 AM
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one of my parents dogs it seems is disliked by all dogs. he if the friendliest dog on the face of the earth loves everyone and every animal he meets is never off a leash to bother anyone, they have a fenced yard and they are never leftout alone to annoy any dog, but dogs just dont like him, my dad laughs because he says that because he is a big goofy spoiled baby and has all the perks all the other dogs are jealous of him they have 3 mastiffs but poor zeus is the only one the other dogs dont like.
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Old 29th January 2006, 01:49 PM
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Kea is 1 1/2 years old, and I describe her as the "popular" kid at the dog park! She is that obnoxious, in-your-face, want to box all the time happy boxer to all the dogs, and to my constant amazement she has this insane ability to 'force' all dogs she wills into playing with her!
She even gets the dogs that normally only want to retrieve tennis balls into playing with her!! It's weird because she would be the dog that other dogs get angry with, but she's not. Dogs like her and are tollerant to a t.

She has some boxer friends, however, that don't get this reception at the park. I have a sense that it is the boy dogs who throw attitude back and forth. Boys seem to be less tollerant with each other than girl dogs in a dog park - neutral - zone. I know that that girl dogs can get mean with each other, but at the dog park I never really see that - all the girls seem to play, play, play. (could be that they are all spayed there), but perhaps it's a territory thing.

On the flip side, when Kea is on a walk, she is completely oblivious to dogs around her. They could do backflips in front of her and she wouldn't notice - I gather that is why she's never in confrontation with other dogs. When she's in a park, it's neutral territory, when it's out of a park, she respects who's territory she's in...
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Old 29th January 2006, 10:57 PM
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Stanley Coren ( I think that is his name) is a dog trainer who has written a few books and has a program on t.v. ( Canadian). I think it was in one of his books that I read about a theory that he has re: dogs with docked tails and dog-dog aggression. He says that dogs use their tails to convey different messages to other dogs ( goes so far as to categorize a bunch of different tail signals)So dogs with docked tails may be misunderstood or at a disadvantage with respect to communicating with other canines. It sort of makes some sense to me. My boxer Slugger has definately had some problems with other dogs and several times now I have heard the owners of the other dogs say something like "Ive never seen my dog behave that way towards another dog, I wonder why?"
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