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Old 12th July 2004, 10:14 AM
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meds for anxiety??

You guys all know my adventures in dog attacks and Adam being overly protective.... well, our next step is trying to settle Adam down in social situations. Friday nite, I started Adam in private obedience classes at Petsmart. (its cheeper and I know not much is really gonna be accomplished at first! LOL) I am hoping that by putting Adam in a "safe zone" near other dogs and people that we can work with him on some training. Hopefully, he will learn that it is OK for other dogs and people to be near us. Plus, he gets extra one on one basic training (without Evie around).

At first, Adam was standing on me, barking and growling at everyone, including the trainer. We tried all sorts of treats. he finally decided that he likes the lamb meat dog food (the human grade kind in the roll like sausage). He did play nice with 3 boxer puppies (8 weeks old) and a 4 month old boxer pup. He was all lovey dovey with them!! It took about an hour and Adam finally began to start trusting the trainer. He would take treats from her and was no longer standing on my feet. She was able to tell him "come" from across the area for him to get a treat. The whole time Adam was very apprehensive about other people and dogs. As the time went by, Adam even gave the trainer some kisses! and played with a pitbull as we were leaving. (This was the sweetest PB i'd ever seen!! I told the owner of our probs and he was furious!) I was worried due to our recent probs, but Adam played nice.

The trainer suggested that we see a psychologist and maybe use some anti-anxiety drugs TEMPORARILY while we do training and lots of reassuring then ween him off the meds as his training improves.

How do you guys feel about using meds temporarily?? What about Alternative Meds??Do you think we might be able to overcome Adam anxiety without meds??

Thanks as always!!
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Old 12th July 2004, 11:57 AM
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I am not a big believer in medication, personally, i dont think many medications have been tested thoroughly enough to say they are safe. But, if it were me, i would try some home remedies first along with the training. and leave meds for "if all else fails" situation.

I know that several essential oils (oils extracted from plants) have calming effects, although i am not too sure about their effects on dogs. But lavender and chamomile are both tension releasers. maybe a holistic vet would have some more information for you about a more natural way to help adam.

Guess i was much help after all. Sorry.
Good luck with your baby, maybe he just needs to learn to trust again.

Hugs and Kisses from Katie
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Old 12th July 2004, 12:39 PM
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This is just my personal opinion, but I wouldn't use medications unless it was an extreme circumstance. It sounds like Adam learned a lot and improved in one session!! Sounds like he needs to build confidence, and practice will help with that.

I'm sure with time and positive reinforcement and socialization, you can teach him to be calm when other dogs and people are near you!

Good luck, and keep us posted on his progress!

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Old 12th July 2004, 01:31 PM
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Exclamation Meds for anxiety

My Tyson boy has sep. anxiety and we tried a few different routes.. meds from the vet, natural and nothing.

First of all the meds from the vet (Clomicalm) caused him to be EXTREAMLY aggressive, he actually growled at me and my bf. He was shaking like he was scarred. It was very frightening we stopped it as soon as we noticed this.

Then we tried the natural route and some products contain kava-kava (which has been taken off the market for humans for causing liver damage see link: http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/addskava.html ) why would we give it to pets? So if you go natural be careful and read what is in it! We tried some other formulas one of which caused Tyson's heart to beat very quickly so we never used that again.

So far nothing has worked better than everything else! Time and patience. Perhaps certain behaviours are being taken as "aggressive" towards you and your pup is guarding. I think the classes will really help to let your dog trust you and your SO.

Take care

Old 12th July 2004, 04:06 PM
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If you are concerned about using drugs, try other methods such as Tellington Touch, Calming Signals and the "Anxiety Wrap Belt" which has been developed from the TTouch system and helps to calm your dog.

A search here on TTouch or Tellington or Calming Signals will help you find out more. You can read more about the Anxiety Wrap HERE

There are also herbal remedies which have been useful such as Rescue Remedy and others.

Good luck.