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Old 15th February 2001, 08:57 AM
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We have an 8 week old pup, everytime she goes by her water bowl she stops to have a drink. She is normal in every other
way, but we are having a hard time taking her out 10 times a day to pee. Should we take her bowl away, and give her water every hour or so ?? I'm open to any suggestions & advice, It's kinda hard to train her to controll her bladder when she drinks so much. Other than being a little pigheaded she is a typical boxer pup we lover her to death.


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Old 15th February 2001, 09:04 AM
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I had the same problem (still do) with mine. It seems they can never get enough to drink. I limited their water intake when they were pups so I could house train. I would offer them a drink every couple of hours then take the bowl away. That way I knew how much they drunk and when they did so I would know when to let them out. It's much easier to house train and helps to prevent peeing in the house. Now that mine are older I still limit their water intake otherwise they will drink until they puke then go back for more.

Old 15th February 2001, 09:13 AM
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Debo is one year and he STILL has this problem, as he has grown, the longer he'll sit and drinks. When he's tired, he lays down and drinks. I just limit his intake.

But it's funny at night time, I hear him get up and you can hear that slurping all through the house, of course then he wants to brush up against you! If you don't hide under the covers, you get a sloppy, cold, Boxer kiss in the middle of the night! It's funny to hear my daughter scream "Debo NO, get out OUT!" Am I mean or what?

We just put the bowl up or not fill it all the way when we're home.

Old 15th February 2001, 10:00 AM
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I think you have to watch how much you limit your dog's water intake. Maybe ask your vet what's normal for a dog to drink in a day's time, fill an old milk jug, and ration it throughout the day. I have never noticed that Clio drinks 'too much'. But then I don't know what 'too much' is. She isn't constantly asking to go out.

I think they know how much they need, except in the case of a dog with undiagnosed diabetes, in which case, your dog would also likely be eating too much, losing weight at the same time, and probably have problems with urinary incontinence as well. In other words, if it was something serious, there would be more outward signs of something seriously wrong.

Like we always say here, when in doubt, check with the vet.

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Old 15th February 2001, 10:14 AM
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I think the rule of thumb is one cup of water for every 8 lbs. of body weight. I think I posted about that somewhere before when I had the book to look in...

I remember when I was kibble feeding that it seemed like my puppies were ALWAYS drinking - I constantly worried about diabetes! They eventually grew out of it, and now that we're on a raw diet they don't drink much at all. (And I did have one who would drink, drink, drink and then turn around and yarf it back up - he never did learn!)

Plus, depending on where you live, this is a very dry time of year. Furnaces are running full-time and the air gets very dry, which leads to increased water intake.


Old 15th February 2001, 10:23 AM
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Our Anna is quite a drinker as well. To the point where we were still having to get up twice a night to potty when she was around 7 months old. We had her checked for diabetes and everything is fine. Our vet said she probably just plays very hard and then drinks A LOT because she gets so warm in our apartment. Our blessing has been ice cubes!
After nine PM we only give her a little bit a water before bed and otherwise we give her ice cubes. She loves them.
She gets so excited about getting one, it's like an extra treat. Anyway, ever since we have rationed her water at night, we don't have to get up any more. It has worked out very well!!
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Old 15th February 2001, 09:21 PM
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You will find housetraining much easier if your puppy doesn't have unlimited access to water. I just looked up the schedule I followed and it suggests offering water at the following times: 7am, 12 noon, 5pm and 8pm. I never left water down all the time until he was reliably housetrained.

Good luck,
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Old 15th February 2001, 09:41 PM
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I'm glad it isn't just Nellie and Striker.
They drink like crazy.

We always limit their water at night, so we don't have to get up at 3 AM to take them out.

During the day we let them have as much as they want, as long as it's not an extremely large quantity.

Old 16th February 2001, 06:04 PM
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I limit Brit's water after 9. I take her out at 10 and we make it until 5:30. I dont need an alarm clock. For REAL. She nudges me every morning. I give her ice cubes also. She loves them in the summer and will nudge the cooler to get them. At parties people always get a bang out her walking up to a cooler or thermous and pushing and nudging it until she gets ice cubes or cold water. Too smart.
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Old 16th February 2001, 07:30 PM
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drinking too much water

Don't want to scare anyone, but my Chewy was drinking a lot of water and needing to urinate a lot. My vet was afarid he was diabetic. Fortunately he was only temporarily due to a couple steriod shots another vet gave him for hot spots. Just thought I might mention this, can be dangerous if your dog is diabetic and you don't know.

Old 16th February 2001, 08:25 PM
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I can understand limiting water, if you're having problems with housebreaking, or vomiting from gulping too fast. In general, though, I think the more water a dog drinks, the better, just like people.
(Of course, none of this refers to diabetic dogs.)
Urinating frequently and copiously is the best thing for the kidneys. It's hard work for them to make concentrated urine all the time.
Good hydration helps almost everything, from respiratory problems to headaches to clearing toxins from the liver and keeping the skin healthy.

I don't know what I'd do, though, if my dogs were getting me up more than once a night! Once a night, I can handle. My dogs tend to eat late, and get thirsty around 9pm. It seems wrong for me to limit their intake at that time, an hour after a meal of dry kibbles, so I've learned to let them out and in while staying mostly asleep.

These are mature dogs, though, and yours is only 8 weeks old. That's so young!!!! They just don't have the bladder control to be housebroken at that age. Urinating 10 times a day sounds normal, to me. I would check with someone in the know, perhaps your breeder or vet, before I'd restrict water as such a young age.
Restricting water is one of the hardest things to get approved by animal use committees, in a research setting, because it IS potentially so dangerous. And I don't mean water deprivation, I just mean limiting it below what they'd drink, ad lib. I would recommend caution....or just giving her lots of water, and dealing with her little puppy schedule for awhile longer.
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Old 16th February 2001, 11:33 PM
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I agree with linda - I think that an 8 week old puppy should have as much water as it's body is telling it to drink. Remember - WE can live without food for almost a month but only about 3 days without water. I would let your pup have as much water as he wants. If he is sick from drinking too much water he will figure it out sooner or later - Keisha did that for a few (quite a few actually) months on and off, but she finally figured it out and hasn't been sick from over drinking for over a year. Travis has always drank a lot of water, but has never been sick because of it. I think he is healthier for all the water he drinks.