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Old 15th April 2002, 09:34 AM
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Federation of International Canines (FIC) Registry

I purchased two Boxer pups over the weekend at the National Breeders Association in Middletown, NJ; and didn't realize they were registered through the Federation of International Canines (FIC) VS the AKC... I had discussed registration (AKC) with the salesperson, but she didn't mention it was not through AKC. I signed papers stating that I received application for FIC Registry, but thought I could still register through AKC. I have never heard of FIC Registry before, and am concerned.

I called AKC this morning, and was told that they are another registration for canines. Not necessarily better or worse, just have different guidelines to follow for application & registration. This could mean family history and bloodline information. FIC's may not go back as far as AKC... I haven't been able to reach anyone at FIC Registry yet, but have sent email.

Does anyone know about this organization, and do I need to be concerned about my Boxers being pure bred???

Also, I think we might have paid too much in reading the postings on this site, but Boxers here in New Jersey go around $1,000. I tried finding a personal breeder, but was not successful. They are adorable, and I couldn't choose between the two so - I made a deal from $1,000 per pup down to $800.00 for each pup, plus they gave me $100.00 store credit to purchase puppy supplies I would need to get started...

Is this ideal? More importantly, we were told they were purebreeds. This store is known to be reputable and sell pups registered through AKC and FIC - depending on who the breeder has registered through. Do we need to be concerned or am I over reacting? Should I choose to stud out my male Boxer in the future - would we be able to mate with an AKC registered Boxer (not that I am going to, but just curious as to the difference)?

I'll post their pics as soon as I get them developed and scanned.

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Old 16th April 2002, 01:52 AM
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Hi Charlotte. I'm sorry but have never heard of FIC. In my opinion, AKC registration doesn't mean anything. I have seen plenty of purebreds sold at a higher price because they had AKC papers and they turned out to be improper purebreds such as many faults, hereditary problems, mixes, and etc...
From reading your post, you should be concerned about this place you bought your pups instead of what organization they are registered with. It sounds like its a pet store. If you are not familiar with pet stores, do a search on pet store puppies and puppy mills.
But, the most important thing is your opinion and how you feel towards these pups. If you love them, then it doesn't matter if they are AKC or FIC, or the fact that they are from a pet store or a reputable breeder.
Maybe someone else here can give you a better understanding of FIC.
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Old 16th April 2002, 05:21 AM
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For information on varies registeries, please visit:


I would be concerned by where & the true type of breeder you purchased your puppies from. The National Breeders Association to me sounds like an organization for high-volumn breeders, in other words, commerical dog breeders = puppymills.

It is pretty common to find irresponsible breeders registering puppies with another registery because they have either been suspended from AKC or the parents are not registered with AKC themselves, so they register with a different registery, so they can still sell *registered* puppies.

I have even seen a Limited Registrated dog (which puppies from that dog can not be registered with AKC), take those AKC Limited Registration papers and get FULL registration with another registery. Its not uncommon for some of these *other* registeries to register anything......it doesn't even have to be a purebred.
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Old 16th April 2002, 06:40 AM
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The FIC looks to be a step above the CoKC (Continental Kennel Club) - they at least ask for pictures of the dog before they will register it, and they require one parent to be FIC registered. Still, Sabrina's concerns are valid - and I would also wonder about a breeder that sells its puppies to pet stores - they can't be doing much health testing, for the price the pet stores pay. The AKC doesn't have an official stand against breeders selling to pet stores (or brokers), I don't think, but all their information on being a responsible breeder talks about personally screening all puppy buyers - hard to do with a pet store puppy. The American Boxer Club does prohibit its members from selling to a pet store or broker.

Should I choose to stud out my male Boxer in the future - would we be able to mate with an AKC registered Boxer (not that I am going to, but just curious as to the difference)?
You can breed to whatever dog you want, AKC registered or not (Boxer or not!), but the puppies will not be able to be AKC registered.

The FIC does ask for 3 generations on the dogs when you register them, so you may get some information from them. And, if this is a breeder that was suspended from the AKC, some of the dogs will be AKC registered and then you can do more research into their pedigree.

Regardless, they're yours now, and undoubtedly adorable Just enjoy them!

Old 16th April 2002, 07:11 AM
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To everyone that responded to my FIC concerns

I truly appreciate all the input. I'm concerned now about where the place I purchased the Boxer pups from bought them from. They say they do not purchase from puppy mills or such - and only use certain breeders. They do not carry multitudes of puppies - only about 15 in all if I had to guess. Different breeds. Some are registered through AKC and some are through FIC - depending on the breeders registration preference. I would like to contact the breeders that are listed on my form, and talk to them further - I suppose I can legally do that... I would like to know why they are registered through FIC and not AKC - were they suspended from AKC??? I just want to be sure they have not been cross bred or "imbred"... I did some research on the store that I purchased them through prior to buying them, and they are very reputable around here. They've been in business a very long time and certainly are much cleaner than some of the other pet store's I've been to. I purchased a Chihuaha through a local puppy store and she is registered through AKC. I've never had any problems with her, though I've heard many negative things about the store I bought her from. They have a bad reputation and are known for buying from "puppy mills"...

Anyway - thanks for the information you've provided me. The pups are adorable (now named Allie - female and Buster - male). They appear to be in very good health and I'm taking them to my vet for a complete check over. I'm happy to have them, but frustrated that they're not registered through AKC. I honestly do not care where they are registered, but want to ensure they've had the proper screening and background check on family history/tree. It's important to go back at least 5 generations...

Thanks again!