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Old 15th November 2001, 07:46 AM
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boxers vs. dobermans

These are two of my favorite breeds (with the lab coming in 3rd) - does anyone have experience with both of these breeds and can you compare the two with respect to health, longevity, temperament, and traits?

I've narrowed it down to these two breeds and have visited breeders for both (and the lab as well) - I just wanted to get some perspective from people who have either lived with both or been around both.
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Old 15th November 2001, 08:18 AM
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My friend that I do dog shows with has dobermans. Temperament wise, they appear to be very close, with dobermans being just a little bit more reserved in my opinion. Chloe, my 8 mo old boxer, gets along very well with her 6 mo old puppy, but they have kind of grown up together. I think that Chloe is more playful, but that could just be her.

The biggest difference I see is much bigger and STRONGER the dobermans are. It is alot easier for me to control Chloe than the dobies.


Old 15th November 2001, 08:39 AM
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I sure have....

I have had experience with Dobermans, my first dog was a female Doberman name 'Star'. Dobermans are beautiful dogs, But I mean, I think Boxers are more of the family type of dog, they get along with the whole family, while I found Star was more closer to my Dad than anybody else, they're great companions for a person... very good guard dogs, and always alert. Star used to always hunt down Iguanas that fell from the Mango trees.

We had to give Star away because we were moving and it wasn't possible for us to take her along, she was too big. The family that was taking care of her didn't really take good care of her, and when we visited she had changed from her fat and healthy look to a thin and sickly looking and she growled at me constantly, when I would go back there with her alone I'd cry, because I felt it was all my fault that she was so thin. the family gave her away ( my dad told me) and they gave her to a farmer because he owned other Dobermans, but before she turned four she had died... now she's at the Rainbow Bridge (I'm crying right now... it's so sad...) I think she died because maybe of I don't know... maybe not just being treated right... I wish I would've taken her with me, when we used to own her she wouldn't eat whenever we went on trips, I believe that's why she turned thin.

When she saw my dad (her buddy) she immediatly jumped for joy and was SO happy, and it was so cute to see her and dad playing around again.

Anyway, just wanted to share that I've had my experience with Dobermans, I recommend them, but I also highly recommend Boxers, they're the best family dogs ever! that's all, and well bye
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Old 15th November 2001, 08:53 AM
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I don't know if this holds true for anyone elses dobie. Jett loved balls, tennis balls, fleece balls, rubber balls, anything round. She would fall asleep with her ball in her mouth and every once in a while her jaw would flex and squeeze the ball. Since Ozzy is a puppy I don't know if he will like balls as much but from what I've read boxers are ball lovers. Jett was very good with kids and other dogs. She would lay down to play with puppies if they were to small to reach her. I've read and seen posts here about how good boxers are with kids. From what I've heard boxers also are very intuitive and I would say so are the dobies. On the flip side, my dobie was very, very, active as are boxers. She was a very "rugged" chewer. She was finally slowing down at age seven when we lost her to bloat. Also, comparitively speaking, many have said their boxer's are big lap dogs, so are dobies.
With in every breed there will be those who don't conform to the norm, but hey, that's not always a bad thing. I also think training and environment go a long way to shape the personality and emotional side of our dogs.
Dobies are taller but I don't think they are any more or less strong than the boxer. If anything, based on physiology, I'd say the boxer should be stronger. Lower center of gravity, heavier in the fore quarters/chest and shorter back than the dobie. I also don't think the neck is quite as long on the boxer? But I could be wrong. Our Jett could be quite a hand full on a leash, we'll have to wait until Ozzy is older to know how he'll do. Good luck with your decision making.
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Old 15th November 2001, 09:09 AM
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My 2 cents

My father had a wonderful Dobie named Major. He was one of the greatest dogs I have ever met. My dad was traveling all over the Country for his job and Major went with him. Major and Dad were always together. That was good and also bad. I remember Major having bigtime problems if Dad was away for too long. He would chew and just plain act different.

Dobies are my next favorite breed as well, but I would have to go with a Boxer. Right now I am a single guy, but I hope to get married in the near future. I was afraid that the Dobie would be less willing to accept my girlfriend/wife. Mia is very loving to my girlfriend, and boxers are very good with kids.

Dobies are wonderful, but I am partial to the Boxer.
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Old 15th November 2001, 09:24 AM
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I have both right now!

I have a 5.5 year old Doberman and a 5 month old Boxer (I have had boxers before). I agree with the previous post that Boxers are more family dogs. I don't have kids, but Faust (the Dobie) has been around them. He does well, but we did have one incident over a toy with my boyfriend's nephew. Faust snapped at him and he ended up getting a couple stictches in his head. I was not around or I would not have let the kid BITE his toy while he was playing with it (that tells you how much they trusted him around their kids)! They still played with each other for the rest of the visit, but I will keep a very close eye on him when kids are around. With Jake my previous boxer there was no doubt that he would NEVER bite anyone no matter what. Clarice is so young that it is hard to tell, but she has been nothing but friendly so far.

The Doberman has A LOT MORE energy than the boxer. He has to get out to run and he needs at least an hour a day. To get him really tired he needs a whole weekend camping trip of running free.

The Dobie is much more independent too. He doesn't care that much about dog/dog socializing and only cares for people socializing when he is tired and wants to snuggle.

They are very different personalities for sure. I love them both, but I will probably have another boxer if I ever plan to start a family.

Dobermans are a lot nicer dogs than most people think though.
(sorry so long!)
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Old 15th November 2001, 10:03 AM
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If I ever went into another breed it would probably be the Doberman. I've actually never known one personally, but from a show standpoint the breed standards are very similar so, to me, it would be easy to make the transition. From all that I've heard and read about Dobes, the temperaments are much the same as well (although I too have gotten the impression that Dobes are a bit more reserved, especially to new people, than Boxers).

A very nice thing about Dobermans is the National breed club. The DPCA is one of the most education-oriented clubs I've seen. I've spoken before about the Illustrated Standard and how useful it has been to me in learning the Boxer standard. They have pamphlets and articles available on breeding, purchasing a Dobe, health issues, training, nutrition, grooming....very comprehensive information. They also, of course, when the first white Dobe appeared, did research and test breedings to determine the genetic basis of the white color and to evaluate any negative impact the color has on the health of the dog. The DPCA site is www.dpca.org

There is also a Doberman Longevity program, which is for dogs who live to be 10 or older, and their offspring. More information on that program is here:


(Unfortunately, there is not much interest in the Boxer community for a similar program, although I personally think it would be invaluable!)

So - if you're interesting in learning more about the breed and perhaps getting involved in a Club, the DPCA has more to offer. If you're looking for a pet and companion - well, there's nothing quite like a Boxer!

Old 15th November 2001, 10:41 AM
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Here are some side by side comparisons:

Boxer Doberman Pinscher

Size Large Large
Male Weight 68 lbs. 77 lbs.
Male Height 24 in. 27 in.
Female Weight 68 lbs. 77 lbs.
Female Height 22 in. 25 in.
Shedding Sheds A Little Sheds A Little
Recommended Trimming None None
Grooming Low Maintenance Low Maintenance
Hypoallergenic No No
Indoor Activity Very Active Very Active
Daily Outdoor Exercise 20 minutes 45 minutes
Purebred Puppy Price $850.00 $650.00
Monthly Food Cost $30 per month $30 per month
Obedience Level Good Good
Rate of Learning Fast Fast
Dominance Level Intermediate Dominant
Energy Type Mixed Jogging Partner
Watch Dog Ability Excellent Excellent
Life Span 9-12 yrs 9-12 yrs

Both are from the Working Group and were developed in Germany.

These are averages and compiled from annoying friends who are vets and breeders and based on a companion dog. From my personal experience, Dobermans are a little more reserved than Boxers.

Just my two cents. I prefer to think of Dobies as Boxers whose noses got stretched Of course, in my heart, there is no other breed than Boxers!!!!


Old 15th November 2001, 10:45 AM
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formatting issues

Apparently my cleverly crafted post did not format the way I intended. Nontheless, it gives you a side by side if you can decipher the run together text.


Old 16th November 2001, 06:55 AM
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I don't trust dobies at all. My son Joe2 was bitting by my hubbys dobie when he was 14 months. I don't think that dobies are family dogs, they are one person dogs. I love my boxer, he would never bite anyone , unless he had to, for proction. Bailey has just been obeined trained thats it. Go with they boxer.

Old 16th November 2001, 09:10 AM
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I know everyone thinks that their dog would never bite, no matter what. But I have to be the voice of reason and wisdom on this one. ANY dog, if placed in the right set of circumstances will bite.
I am sure that there are some dogs who will prove us wrong but we have to approach dog ownership from this perspective and work backward to proof against it.
If socialized with infants, toddlers and small children from puppyhood on most dogs learn to tolerate them, especially the larger breeds, small breeds are questionable. Here is the but you've been waiting for. I would personally never turn my back on a fourteen month old when in the presence of any dog, big, small, family pet or other, this will mean if you leave the room either the kid or the dog goes with you. Kids can freak out even a normally stable family dog. Especially if they have none or limited experience with them under very controlled environments when being socialized. To blame a breed for the actions of individual dogs is unfair. The reason I chose the doberman for my family was based upon how the animal interacted with a visiting child at the breeders home the day we visited her to look at this very pup.
I would suggest reading The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson. It is very well written and explains the canine mind when it comes to biting and aggression. I understand we all have our opinions and this is just mine

Old 16th November 2001, 09:37 AM
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Just wanted to make sure no one miss read my post. With the dobie biting incident there were 4 adults in the room watching, but I was not one of them (my boyfriend was...he bought the dobie). I didn't want you guys to think that I left the kids with the dog alone.