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Old 10th March 2012, 06:37 PM
Boxer Insane
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Bad Idea.

Today, I had Bella micro chipped. When we got home, I decided she needed a new, bigger collar so I pulled out on of Sandy's old ones. BAD IDEA.
As I was taking Sandy's tags off, it just hit me. I could not stop crying.
My Sandy baby has been gone 5 months and I still miss her every day.
Poor Bella, she didn't know what was wrong... she just looked at me with thoe big ole brown eyes.

So, Bella got a new pink collar and leash today and went to the dog park for the first time. She has been asleep since we got back home.
A tired boxer is a happy boxer!!!
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Old 10th March 2012, 06:59 PM
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had that happen too last wkend I had a total break gonna be 6 months March 15th watching our new boy play then he jumped up on the couch and went fast asleep I was holding his paw while he slept and just for a spit of a second I looked over and expected to see my boy Boozer.Even though i still miss my Boozer this little guy Wiser sure is helping part the clouds that have been over our home for so long.My heart is with you
Boozer I will love and miss you forever and always plus
R.I.P Boozer July 11,2003-Sept 15,2011 Run baby run,run fast and run hard baby.xoxoxo
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sandy's mom (11th March 2012)

Old 10th March 2012, 08:38 PM
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For me it was a harness. Star's collar is hanging on the frame of her picture. Arabella was always a smaller and it took her along time to fit into a "grown up" harness. It was about 6 mo's after Star passed before Arabella needed to size up. I was getting ready for a road trip and didn't think twice about grabbing Star's harness, but the tears started flowing as I was adjusting the harness. It was also the same trip I was taking Star's ashes to spread them on our favorite beach.

There was another moment of memories that caught me off guard this week. I was digging thru a drawer looking for something this week and I found Arabella's first collar. It was so small! I think she was at least 4 mo's old before she went up a size in collars. It just took me back to her puppy days, and how she was SO small for SO long. I rememeber my vet telling me she was just going to be a small girl. HA! She had the last laugh on us! She is a bit over weight now (a recent round of steroids didn't help), but we are slowly getting her down. But her ideal weight is about 65 lbs and she is almost as tall as Thor, who is a svelt 80 lbs. I sometimes miss the little puppy, but then I remember how much trouble she got in, and I regain my sanity!
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sandy's mom (11th March 2012)

Old 10th March 2012, 10:18 PM
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It is so hard being caught off guard. I have a box of Cooper's collars and favorite toys. There were a few things I didn't want Bentley to shred. It will be 1 year in May - I have cried eveyday since. It is good that puppies keep us busy and make us laugh.

Big hugs to you and Bella.
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sandy's mom (11th March 2012)