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Old 13th April 2002, 02:57 PM
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Peanut butter and Jelly!! My pup and my kids (youngest only 1 1/2) are BEST BUDDIES!!
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Old 13th April 2002, 04:02 PM
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Talking agree

I would have to agree with everyone. Boxers are especially gentle and loving dogs. Just this morning Miah was giving me her wonderful hugs and kisses. I just love having her in the family.
Mommy to Miah Lady Valentine. angelicon She is truly more than just a pet. I want a dozen just like her. "Mommy loves you, Miah"
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Old 16th April 2002, 01:04 PM
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Awesome thank you all, I will print this oput and show my wife, so she will believe me...

She, and I don't know why, always assoiates the Boxer dog, with the pitbull, you know mean ,and will turn on you on the drop of a hat...

It's nice to know that, and I thank you all for sharing....

I could use some puppy pics to show my wife too, to let her see how cute they are,

So if anyone feels so inclined I would appreciate some pics...heh heh like kids...

The email addy is. jhawkins@bb.directv.com

Thanks Jimmie
The Chickenhawk has spoken!
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Old 17th April 2002, 12:59 PM
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Talking Boxer Traits

Most of these examples sound really familiar to me. Especially the paw playing. My 2 year old brindle female - GRACEY - refuses to lay on her back (unless she is on something really soft, like the bed or couch). She is pretty tiny for a Boxer and on the slim side, so I think that she doesn't like her backbone to rub up against anything hard and that 's why she doesn't like to lay like that. She is very talkative, though -- not with barks. but with little miny howls, usually when she is really excited or happy. One thing that she does A LOT that I haven't seen other Boxers do is that her tongue hangs out of her mouth when it is shut -- almost like there's not enough room for it in there! The vet says she has an underbite. Our house guests and people that we pass on the street always seem to get a kick out of that. I just think that it's really cute.
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Old 17th April 2002, 03:11 PM
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They are fantastic with kids! In FACT I tell EVERYONE I now have 3 KIDS, a 10 year boy and an 8 year girl and a 4 month old Boxer
We just went on a trip to my parents, a 7 hour drive down the coast. Gypsy was wonderful. Sat up between the kids the whole way, not an ounce of trouble. When we stopped for lunch at an old pub we all sat out on the verander. Well Gypsy sat there with the kids and for all the world acted like one of them.
In fact I think, no I KNOW, she thinks she IS a kid!
We have both had other dogs before and this is our first Boxer. I'd NEVER consider any other breed with kids.
It would be a Boxer or nothing. They are loving, kind, playful, all the things you want in a family dog. And she REALLY seems to tell the difference in kids, babies and adults and treats them accordingly.
I'd just say PLEASE make sure that you are ready for one. They do take a LOT of your time AND emotional energy. They are really not a yard dog. So if say, you wanted to lock her out while baby slept or something you'd have problems.
Gypsy HAS to be where we are 24/7. But then we knew that, it was a quality that is endearing to us, I kNOW this isn't the case for everyone.
A Boxer is a 100% commitment. I can't count the amount of people I have met now since I have had her that have 'Had a Boxer but had to 'get rid of it'. AND the reasons are always the
same! 'Didn't have the time' 'too in your face' 'destructive' and on and on.
We wanted a puppy for the kids and have a few issues with one of our children and knew this would help, BUT in the future it will be a rescue.

Good luck with the baby
Gypsy (26th Dec 2001 - Boxing Day!)
Flashy Fawn, black mask, docked, natural ears
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Old 22nd April 2002, 08:58 PM
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boxer traits

When sleeping, Casey needs to have any part of her body on any part of our body. If we are not around she needs to have her head elevated on a pillow or some nice clean laundry. She does the crazy dog around the house running from bed to bed to couch to bed, and so on. She also lunges for balls or toys like someone is going to take them form her or like they are going to move on their own,with her front body on the ground and her butt up in the air. We love it when she does the woo woo song (she especially does it when she wants food or wants to play). When she is really happy outside in the nice sunny weather she will roll around on the ground forever. Most of all, she is so incredibly over-zealous when anyone, and I mean anyone (even the mailman), walks in the door and she turns herself completely in half. We always joke around and call her our little "watchdog". She is the most lovable being that I have ever known.

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Old 2nd May 2002, 02:26 PM
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Summer lays on her back for an hour in a sunny spot in the yard and catches a tan on her belly! She actually falls a sleep on her back and it seems to be her favorite position to relax in. I think it is a common trait for most boxers. Enjoy the day!

Summer: fawn, floppy ears, docked tail. DOB: 5/28/99 She loves the beach and camping! wackicon
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Old 3rd May 2002, 11:05 PM
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How about being a sheepherder? I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. The big old ram in the pasture across the street gets out regularly and both Buddy, now at the bridge, and Roxy, our 8 year old love, would somehow manage to sneak ahead of them, turn them around, and chase them back to the pasture. This has happened many times, so wasn't just a fluke. And after Roxy gets the ram back in the pasture, she is so excited, has a big smile on her face, dances, runs around you like she is on fire, and in general is about the proudest thing you have ever seen. In fact it makes me proud! What wonderful pets, is there any other kind of dog? I don't think so!
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Old 8th May 2002, 05:41 PM
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Our Buddy loves laying on his back, with his arms straight down at his sides, like a human. And he definitely knows how to let you know when he wants something. He is so spoiled. When he wants on my lap, he just sits beside me and looks at me like "you know what I want!". It's adorable. He's really big into "boxing" too. The guilt trips are maddening though. This is my first boxer, but from now on I think boxers are it for me! He's a little angel.

Proud mama of Buddy - 11 wk. old white boxer baby
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Old 9th May 2002, 07:45 PM
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I think that some how you all have stolen my boxer Mabel!!! All the discriptions have matched her to a tee!!! My pup spins in circles, round and round untill he falls down, so funny, me and my husband almost split a gut watching him

brindle female four years old
fawn male 13 weeks
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Old 12th May 2002, 05:19 PM
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My boxer "BRIEFS" is great with our 3 kids. My wife thinks I am nuts because of the way I spoil her.She deserves every bit of it. She is 10Mos. old and learns quickly. This is my first boxer and if I had known how good she was going to be I would have gotten two.
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Old 13th May 2002, 01:09 PM
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Okay, here are numerous things my boxers do. When I come home from work & ask who has to go potty, Maxine turns into a U-shaped doggie! She starts running towards the back door @ the same time she's sorta pointing to her butt as if - "yes, yes..something's GOT to come out of there...." If I'm in the basement and she has to go potty, she'll give me the ol' woo woo until I ask her if she has to go potty - sometimes she even starts hitting me with her nose. Then she'll run to the top of the stairs & give me her paw until I get to the top of the stairs. She definitely does the jack-hammer all the time & one day she hit me so hard in the head I saw stars! Diamond used to jump up into my arms (before she had pups). Can you imagine - a 60 lb. doggie bouncing off the floor straight up into my arms? It took a while, but I learned how to catch her! They BOTH HATE snow & rain. It has to be warm & sunny - at the very least DRY out before they'll voluntarily go outside. Diamond doesn't lay on her back too often, but Max does. She sleeps with me every night and every morning, she'll use her back paws to push herself up to me and lay on her back with one paw straight up in the air & the other @ her side while I pet her belly. They do the "frog" thing, which is hilarious, they get thier lip caught in their upper tooth - cracks me up, and Diamond snores LOUD! They both get some bad gas! Sometimes they can even clear a room!

How about jealousy? If we're paying attention to Diamond instead of Maxine, Max just goes NUTS! She starts "pretending" to bite Diamond & she'll nibble on Diamond's paws, jump on her back, push her out of the way- whatever it takes to get Diamond out of the picture! And - that's her mother!

They go zipping around the backyard in big circles which cracks us up! They go counter surfing & dumpster diving...Maxine pretends she can't get up on the bed herself so she makes me pick her up & put her on the bed - the big baby!!!!
One day she was sleeping on the oversized chair w/ me & my husband came downstairs & she tilted her head back off the chair & it made her slide head first onto the ground and she stayed in that position - like she was doing a headstand - butt straight up in the air! It was hilarious!

Does anybody have a boxer/boxers that drink water from the shower or the bathtub? Diamond refuses to drink from a water bowl. She's been like that since we got her @ age 3. Max followed in her footsteps so they drink from the shower &/or tub if I'm in there & out of the "clean" toilet bowl. Also, Max & Diamond are always in the bathroom with me when I'm getting ready for work.

They LOVE car rides - even if it's to go to the vet. They LOVE everybody. Maxine chases flies & lightening bugs & I just LOVE when they hear a strange noise & tilt thier heads in every direction. The whole time you can just imagine them saying, "What is that?! I just CAN'T figure it out!"

Another really funny thing Max does is with my husband. He'll blow in her face and she gets so excited her bottom lip starts quivering and she starts licking his face and nibbling on his lips! (they look like they're making out!).
I want another!!! I just love them so much! They are REALLY great dogs!
Lisa C.
Mom to:
Diamond - 9
Maxine (Diamond's daughter) 4 yrs. in January
Plus we have fish...not too exciting!!
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