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Old 18th July 2007, 07:28 PM
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Cool read,no dont ,yes read... a bit long

...i just read "dreaming in libro",its a book about a brindle boy that was rescued by a manhattan writer.after reading the 1st book "bark if you love me",about libro the boxer i couldnt wait to read the new one..if you want to read it stop now....if not continue...it was a lessons learned and the journey we take with these wonderful creatures...i cried all night last nite and have been weepy all day.it brought me back to thinking about angels and best friends and the love that i recieve from gilly everyday.im scared of her ever growing old.she was my reason for living when i went through a divorce upon returning from iraq.if not for me needing to care for her i know i never would have pulled through. i have a bumper sticker that says,"boxer is my co-pilot".and it makes so much sense as these babies of ours are a gift from above and we can never give back what we recieve from them....that doesnt mean i will ever stop trying....sorry so long....but give them all a lovin from me and gilly tonite
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Old 19th July 2007, 04:36 AM
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Sounds just like the kind of book i shouldnt read but will love! You're right they do get us through the tough times aswell as the good and I too believe they are sent from above. I too worry about my babies growing old I dread the day they are in pain, but if you dwell on it you will miss out on so many wonderful moments. To live like a boxer is to live life to its fullest stop when weary then go go go, and always leave time for cuddles very important. Our friends may only be with us for a short amount of time but every moment is like gold and I would trade my life for theirs any day.

Hugs to you from me Ducky & Memphy
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Old 19th July 2007, 05:41 AM
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That sounds like a good book. I was looking for something to take on holiday, but I think it's only just out in hardback, and I prefer paperbacks for the beach
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Old 19th July 2007, 06:35 AM
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..................but I just ordered "Bark if you love me" from Amazon

Old 19th July 2007, 11:39 AM
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I have "Bark if you Love me" just never got around to reading it. I think maybe I will make sure I get to it soon.

I always think of how much I love my pups and that I don't ever want them to get older. I remember going through everything with Tossie and it isn't something I want to do again. But then I think about it, I also don't want to miss out on it either. I am curled up on the couch with my baby Abbie and Brady and I am surfing the internet. I am content now and I will be blessed to have spent my life with these wonderful dogs, wouldn't have it any other way.
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