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Old 23rd April 2009, 01:21 PM
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Suddenly having accidents after spaying

Sasha is 9 months old, and was spayed 3 weeks ago. She has been "house broken" for a long time now - she hasn't had a single accident for about 3 months, and before that it was only every now and then.

She's recovered well from her surgery 3 weeks ago, but during the last 5 days she has started having accidents in the house. She's NOT going all the time - still going to the toilet about the same amount of times in the day as usual...just inside! I thought at first her training had slipped, but the last two days she has also peed in the house during the night, as if she can no longer hold on all the way through the night. She has had three accidents during the day, and one of them was when she had told me she needed to go out, and JUST before we got out the door she squatted. I told her "no" and she stopped, and waited till we were outside.

It's really weird - I don't understand what's going on...has anyone else experienced this???
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Old 23rd April 2009, 01:32 PM
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Reduction in a bitches ability to hold on is normal after a spay surgery - at least for a little while. Spay is complete ovario-hysterectomy. It is more major than most hysterectomy surgeries that humans go through - as they don't just take out the uterus, but the ovaries, horns, tubes, the lot. Spay surgery may be "routine" but it is not minor (on the contrary, this is a major invasive surgery).

A human would normally be hospitalised for at least a week after such an ordeal, and taking things very gently for several weeks afterward

The relevant bit though (in respect of bladder problems), is that the bitch's internal organs - bladder included - take a heck of a beating in the course of a spay, as they're pushed, shoved and clamped aside to allow the surgeon to get at the uterus. And it can often take a bit of time afterward for things to revert to working normally, or full bladder control to be re-established. Quite understandable, if you think about it.

Bottom line there is that the bitch cannot be expected to hang on as she could previously, nor necessarily to "know" terribly long in advance that she needs to go. Or put another way, when she needs to go, it is likely to mean "right now" and she cannot wait.

In the normal course of events, this issue should subside and she should revert to normal levels of control. In the meantime, you should be understanding of her needs, and provide much more frequent and prompt opportunities to potty outside. If things don't return to normal within a week or two now (or sooner if anything else seems amiss), then you should revert to your vet to ensure that there are no other problems.
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Old 23rd April 2009, 02:23 PM
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Thank you for explaining...I thought it would be as a result of the spaying, but everything else I had read was IMMEDIATELY after - not 2 weeks later.... I might put her basket in my room, so I will hear her in the nights over the next little while....thanks for your explanation, it makes things "make sense".

Old 25th April 2009, 02:00 PM
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I have never experienced this with my dogs but I have heard of it before. I am told that if you add a tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley to her food morning and night, this should help the problem. Apparently parsley is a very common treatment for spay incontinence.
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